VU 32-Bit >>> VU 64-Bit (VU is an Upgrade/Retail Edition)

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Seidell23231, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Seidell23231

    Seidell23231 Guest

    OK, to clearify:

    1. My NEW PC (HP m9150f) - Came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium (OEM).

    2. I purchased a RETAIL/UPGRADE version of Vista Ultimate, cost was around
    $250.00. That purchase gave me 2 DVD's:
    A. Vista Ultimate in 32-Bit - UPGRADE Version
    B. Vista Ultimate in 64-Bit - UPGRADE Version
    C. I purchased the Upgrade about 6-8 months ago. The only thing I have are
    the DVD's and a Quick Start Guide in Booklet format.

    3. I used the Vista Ultimate to Upgrade the PC I had then, which was using
    XP Pro.

    4. That PC is no longer alive, kicked the bucket about 2 weeks ago, but had
    a good 5 year life!

    5. I have loaded VU, Retail/Upgrade 32-Bit version over the OEM VHP. I
    want to get VU 64-Bit on this new PC. Utilizing the Retail/Upgrade 64-Bit
    DVD which came with the Retail/Upgrade package.

    6. So, what do I need to do now to get my current PC, which has Vista
    Ultimate 32-Bit (Retail/Upgrade Version), into the 64-BIT WORLD?

    Thanks! Gunny
    Seidell23231, Mar 15, 2008
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  2. Seidell23231

    John Barnes Guest

    You should follow Colin's steps. Boot from the DVD. After you enter
    product code, Vista verifies your qualification. Select custom install
    (upgrade should be grayed out). When you get to where you select the
    partition to install to, you have a choice of deleting and creating a new
    partition (formatting is a quick format and takes only about 2 seconds if
    you want) or installing to the same partition as VHP is on. This last
    approach is a very clean install and the installer will wrap your old system
    into a .old file before it lays down the new image. Unlike prior Windows it
    does not do file extraction, but uses an image file. This allows you to
    have access to any files you may have on VHP available after the install to
    copy over. Especially useful if you forgot any during preparation and you
    have extra space of at least 15gig on the partition. Just follow the
    bouncing ball from that point as the instructions are quite clear. Only
    caution I have is if you have a recovery partition on the HP you should
    check with them about the need to change your MBR when installing.
    John Barnes, Mar 15, 2008
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  3. Seidell23231

    Seidell23231 Guest

    Hey John,

    OK, I just followed the path as outlined and when I got to the window that
    said, "Where do you want to install Windows"? It prompted me to highlight
    the drive which I used the key for. I did that, NOTHING. No matter what I
    did, I could NOT get the "NEXT" button to spring to life. It just stayed in
    its grayed out status, NO change!

    QUESTION: I am using a RAID 0 in my PC. Would that make any difference?
    That is all I could think of.

    VU 32-bit Retail/Upgrade version is the OS installed. I was trying to
    upgrade the install to VU 64-bit Retail/Upgrade version as the new OS. The
    Activation KEY is the same for both obviously, but that did not start any
    errors when I put it in, seemed to be accepted with no problem!

    OK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HELP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Gunny
    Seidell23231, Mar 15, 2008
  4. Seidell23231

    John Barnes Guest

    Did you click on drive options (advanced) and select the partition or delete
    and create a partition?
    John Barnes, Mar 16, 2008
  5. It sounds like you need to provide the raid drivers with the Load Driver
    button. It is on the same screen as the Drive Tools but on the left.
    Colin Barnhorst, Mar 16, 2008
  6. Seidell23231

    Seidell23231 Guest

    Hey John,

    Here what I had and what I did or could NOT do:

    1st Option - Which type of installation do you want?
    ** The upgrade option was disabled.
    ** The Custom (Advanced) option was selected.

    2nd Option - Where do you want to install windows?
    ** I could select the drives and partitions displayed, but NONE of the
    options, enabled the NEXT button.
    ** Advanced Options - Refresh, Load Driver, Delete, Extended (Grayed Out),
    Format and New (Also Grayed Out).

    Within the Advanced options, I selected the drive where VU is installed,
    I deleted a partition, and tryed to select it, prompted me to do the

    *****To use the Product Key you entered, start the installation on a
    computer that is running a genuine version of Windows*****

    I'm stuck. I can only think of two possiblities, you will need to tell me
    if they are valid or not:

    1. The RAID 0 setup is in some way guming up the works.
    2. The 64-Bit disk is ONLY going to upgrade other 64-Bit OS's. Example, if
    the PC came with VHP 64-Bit, than the VU Retail/Upgrade 64-Bit disk I have
    would in fact work. But since it is trying to upgrade a 32-Bit to a 64-Bit,
    it is guming up the works. So, whats the work around? Would I have to buy
    the Retail/Complete VU product, which sounds logical, just doesn't sound like
    what I have been hearing from everyone in here.

    THOUGHTS?????????????????????????? Thanks! Gunny
    Seidell23231, Mar 16, 2008
  7. Seidell23231

    John Barnes Guest

    I didn't catch that you were using RAID and Colin suggested you add the RAID
    drivers at the load drivers button
    You aren't trying to upgrade the 32-bit version you are doing a custom
    Once it has verified the qualifying os exists it should not recheck later.
    Now that you have deleted the partition you are going to have to reinstall
    the qualifying Vista. You could then try approach 2 leaving the VHP on the
    partition and co-installing to get the wrapped .old file containing VHP
    John Barnes, Mar 16, 2008
  8. Seidell23231

    Seidell23231 Guest

    John & Colin,

    1st -- I formatted an empty partition that I had setup in case I needed for
    the upgrade. No no OS lost.

    2nd -- I have been on the fence on the RAID 0 system ever since I started to
    use it with this new PC. I have finally come to the same overall concensus
    and will do without the RAID 0. The risk out weighs the gains, I have seen
    the LIGHT!

    OK, I will uninstall the RAID, and retry what I have been trying here and
    report back as soon as I am able. Please just spot check here every so often
    so I can bring you current and hopefully provide some GOOD news!

    Again, Thanks Guys! ~~~~ Gunny
    Seidell23231, Mar 16, 2008
  9. *****To use the Product Key you entered, start the installation on a
    I think this only appears when using the 32bit dvd. Use the other one.
    Colin Barnhorst, Mar 16, 2008
  10. No prob.

    Colin Barnhorst, Mar 16, 2008
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