W2K3 LPDSVC and Event 4008

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Richard, May 2, 2008.

  1. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I am printing via LPD to a windows 2003 server to a printer defined locally
    on that server. This works fine for a period of time and then 2003 starts
    rejecting the connection requests from my LPR client. In the 2003 event log
    are events corresponding to the rejection with event id 4008. This event
    appears to suggest that the LPDSVC can't find the printer and gives the local
    2003 system's IP address and the correct print queue name as the offending
    printer. Can't get a handle on what the problem is. If you restart the LPDSVC
    or reboot the server, things print fine for a while and then back to the 4008
    event. This happens on multiple 2003 servers in the same shop.
    Richard, May 2, 2008
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