w32time: how to show a list of the configured ntp-servers?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Gross, Michael, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I've added some servers to w32time via this command:

    w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:<source>

    That works perfectly. But, does anyone know if there is a way to view
    this list? On some servers I want to see which servers are added to
    w32time but I haven't found a soloution for this yet.

    Gross, Michael, Mar 1, 2005
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  2. Gross, Michael

    What90 Guest

    Have you tried the the command net time /querysntp ?
    What90, Mar 1, 2005
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  3. Hi,
    that works perfectly. Thanks!

    Gross, Michael, Mar 1, 2005
  4. However, I've an additional question yet. Typing "net time /querysntmp"
    on a Win2K3 memberserver shows the following entry: time.windows.com,0x1

    But the entries from w32time in the event log are telling me that this
    memberserver synchronizes with the correct time source (in this case the
    PDC of the domain).

    May it be that computers in a domain alway synchronize the time with the
    domain controllers like it matters what entries are on the memberserver?

    Thank you,
    Gross, Michael, Mar 1, 2005
  5. Default behavior for Windows XP/2003 is thus:

    Workgroup: NTP and uses time.windows.com
    Domain member: NT5DS and gets time from authenticating DC (DCs go to PDC

    To take a better peek at the configuration, try "w32tm /config
    /subkey:parameters" from a command prompt. The "Type" key is the clue as to
    the type of time sync the computer is participating in.

    neo [mvp outlook], Mar 2, 2005
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