W7: how to stop Windows Live Messenger from autolaunching?

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by Peter Hayward, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I don't use messenger, but every time I log into hotmail the messenger
    window autolaunches. When I click on that window and close it, it relaunches
    next time I do anything in hotmail. I then logged in to messenger to see if
    there was an option I could deselect to stop it from launching. as soon as I
    logged into messenger, my taskbar filled up with people I don't know trying
    to connect with me (one of the reasons I don't like using instant

    In the options for messenger, I unchecked just about option I could find and
    then logged out of messenger. Unfortunately, it still keeps re-launching on
    it's own.

    Is there a way to prevent it from autolaunching? And what is the thinking
    behind having it autolaunch all the time? Wouldn't it be more user friendly
    if we could choose if and when we want to use messenger?


    Peter Hayward, Jan 21, 2010
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  2. Greetings Peter,

    Whenever the Messenger API is called, Messenger automatically launches, regardless of your
    Messenger options. Hotmail uses the Messenger API to check the status of your contacts in
    your e-mails (and in its contacts views).

    That said, you can block this from happening in Internet Explorer itself. To do so, open up
    Internet Explorer and choose the Tools menu. Then if
    you're using IE7, choose Manage Add-ons and Enable or Disable Add-ons. If you're using IE8,
    just choose Manage Add-ons.

    Show the entries that run without requiring permission and the specific entry you'll want to
    disable is "Windows Live", which corresponds to the \Program Files\Windows
    Live\msgsc.14.0.8089.0726.dll file and CLSID/Class ID is
    {E1771B7F-98BE-407F-BA67-AA16ADA5D0C5}. You may need to show the various columns to find the
    exact one (there will be multiple 'Windows Live' entries). In IE8 you can also double-click
    each entry for the full information to show.

    After you've found it, choose the button to Disable it and Messenger will no longer be
    started by any Microsoft websites. Be aware however that if/when Messenger is updated, this
    may be need to be done again (and will be a different file and CLSID). Additionally you may
    want to disable any other "Messenger" items listed, depending on what you have installed.

    Jonathan Kay
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Messenger
    MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
    MessengerGeek Blog: http://www.messengergeek.com
    Messenger Resources: http://messenger.jonathankay.com
    (c) 2010 Jonathan Kay - If redistributing, you must include this signature or citation
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Jan 22, 2010
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