want pop3 not pop3 connector

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by chiptransisto, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. I have two SBS2003 at two different locations. Each user
    has an account on each server. I want to have a user at
    location "A" use that server's exchange but check his
    mail at location "B." Since outlook only allows one
    exchange server account, I wanted to use POP3. User
    would be able to get mail for both accounts. However,
    after I start pop3 service and try to set up the account
    in outlook and test it, everything works except receiving
    pop3 mail. I get the following error:
    "Log onto incomming mail server (POP3): The specified
    server was found but there was no response..."

    What can I do to get POP3 working or what can I do to be
    able to check mail at both servers under one outlook
    chiptransisto, Apr 8, 2004
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  2. chiptransisto

    Diego Zitzer Guest

    You can also use IMAP that its better so you don't download the whole thing
    and its more "dynamic" (its also on the protocols part of the Exchange
    Server Management MMC). Verify there is nothing running on port 110 or a
    packet filter preventing you to reach the service. You can test it localy
    running a telnet localhost 110. You should receive

    +OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 POP3 server version 6.5.6944.0
    (ds9.sbs.home) ready.

    If this works you should verify from the remote location to see if there is
    anything in the network preventing you to connect to that port 110 (POP3).
    Diego Zitzer, Apr 9, 2004
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  3. --------------------
    Do you need to do this because there are two different email address domains and you want users to be able to receive for both of them?

    If so then you could do this by using one exchange server and setup a second email domain in the recipient policy.

    Then have all of your users not at that site use RPC over HTTPS in Outlook, or use OWA.

    Since the user has a user account on both domains then you could set in the users AD properties to forward mail to his other address.

    For example you have a.com and b.com. Joe has a user account on both. So joe has an email address for a.com and b.com.

    If joe is physically closer to the a.com domain then have his Outlook point to the a.com SBS server. On the b.com SBS Server set Joe's user accont to forward all mail
    to . You can do this in Active Directory Users and Computers on the Exchange General Tab and select Delivery Options. The forward to is located here.

    If you still want to use the POP3 then make sure the service is enabled as it is disabled by default, and that you have port 110 on your firewall forwarded to the SBS Box.

    Matt Trudewind
    Microsoft Product Support Specialist
    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Matt Trudewind[MSFT], Apr 9, 2004
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