Want to check XP updates but do NOT want to install SP2

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by ThunderWolf, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. ThunderWolf

    ThunderWolf Guest

    Hi All ~

    I've heard of far too many problems rearing their ugly heads after people
    install the SP2 updates for Windows XP. Not only don't I have the time to
    haggle with my new computer should I be one of the 'lucky' ones who
    encounters problems, I also don't have the expertise or patience to deal with

    Now my question, how do I get it to stop telling me I need to install SP2 so
    I can go check for other updates that might have come out for XP since I last

    Joyous Howls,
    ThunderWolf, Dec 31, 2004
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  2. This tool can delay the installation of SP-2:

    Since your computer is new, are you sure SP-2 is not included?
    Most manufacturers have included SP-2 for quite a while.

    Also now is a good time to install SP-2 since little has changed that can
    cause potential conflicts.
    All known or unknown problems must be resolved before installing any update
    including Service Packs.
    Sooner or later you will probably need SP-2 as more programs will require
    You hear lots of problems because people come here with them and you rarely
    hear about the successes.

    SP-2 has fewer problems on well maintained computers:
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Dec 31, 2004
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