WARNING: KB942615 may require an extra reboot to apply correctly

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Bill Drake, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. You've read the whole thread? Fine. Please contact PSS!
    Yes, but it will leave the system vulnerable to the security holes
    targeted to be closed by the security update. You may consider using
    the "disable HTTP 1.1 for proxy workaround" instead.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 13, 2007
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  2. Kurt Falde [MSFT], Dec 13, 2007
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  3. Thanks for the feedback Kurt,

    I've submitted for the Hotfix, when I get the link back and get it
    downloaded and installed I'll post back the results.

    Donald Anadell

    Donald Anadell, Dec 13, 2007
  4. Hi Kurt,

    I received the KB942367 Hotfix and installed it along with the associated
    Registry Tweak. Only some time and some heavy Browsing will tell if this
    has fixed the Urlmon.dll crashing problem in IE6, so far so good but I'll
    give it a few days to see how it goes.

    I am a little bewildered as to the version of Urlmon.dll that remains in the
    System32 folder and dllcache folder though after applying the hotfix. The
    Article(KB942367) implies that the hotfix will install version 6.0.2900.3213
    of urlmon.dll(or am I reading that wrong). However, after applying the
    hotfix I'm still left with the version of urlmon.dll that was installed
    KB942615 Cumulative Security Update, version 6.0.2900.3231.

    Does this sound right to you, the hotfix should only patch the existing
    urlmon.dll file as long as it is version 6.0.2900.3213(or higher), or is it
    supposed to replace the existing version with a specific version? I
    extracted all the files from the hotfix setup file and I don't see a
    urlmon.dll file included in the setup, maybe it's just the geek speak in the
    KB Article that has me looking for something that isn't supposed to be

    At any rate,

    1. I applied the hotfix offered as you suggested.
    2. Performed the Registry Tweak after installing the hotfix(per the
    instructions the KB942367 Article).
    3. After performing steps one and two, I'm left with urlmon.dll version
    6.0.2900.3231 in both the System32 and dllcache folders.

    LOL...I'll be glad when SP3 arrives, fixing Updates with hotfixes it taking
    it to the extreme for my 60 year old brain:)

    Thanks again for your assistance,

    Donald Anadell

    Donald Anadell, Dec 14, 2007
  5. From what another engineer told me this is right. the fix in 942367
    probably did not need to be installed just the registry key needs to be in
    place as this fix is already included in the urlmon.dll thats in the update
    just released. Thanks for letting me know.

    Kurt Falde [MSFT]

    Kurt Falde [MSFT], Dec 14, 2007
  6. Bill Drake

    Bill Drake Guest

    Hi, Kurt. I have now tested the information found on the KB942367
    webpage against the new urlmon.dll found in the KB942615 update.

    From the testing I have done so far, the Registry Entry item
    detailed on the KB942367 page is all that is required to be added
    to the system - to allow the KB942615 update to perform reliably.

    MSIE6 does not intermittently crash when starting up on my
    default home page (My MSN) with this Registry Edit in place.

    I did not install the KB942367 update - I simply installed the
    KB942613 update and added the Registry Edit specified on
    the KB942367 webpage.

    From everything I can see here, it would seem to me this Registry
    Edit should have been applied as part of the install script for
    KB942615 - since the version 6.0.2900.3231 urlmon.dll file shipped
    with KB942615 has had the requisite code installed in the DLL all
    the way back to version 6.0.2900.3213 - which was released on
    Sept 12/07.

    Regardless, I will be doing more testing over the next 24 hours in
    order to ensure that the system is stable with this new Registry
    Entry in place. I will report back to the group once I am reasonably
    certain this bugfix is stable.

    Best I can do for now. <tm>

    Bill Drake, Dec 14, 2007
  7. Bill Drake

    Slow Flyer Guest

    Since the recent updates, I've been sending frequent error reports from IE6
    as it closes by itself.
    A big "thank you" to Kurt and Bill for posting an explanation so that a home
    user can understand the problem and decide what to do.
    Slow Flyer, Dec 14, 2007
  8. Thanks for the feedback Kurt.

    If the hotfix(KB942367) is already coded into the 6.0.2900.3231 version of
    urlmon.dll(KB942615), I'm going to uninstall the hotfix and just run with
    the Registry Tweak to see how that works out.

    Thanks again for your assistance,

    Donald Anadell

    Donald Anadell, Dec 14, 2007
  9. Bill Drake

    Embalmed Guest

    I applied just the registry change for KB942367 and it fixed the
    problem I did not install the hot fix. A few more hours of testing to
    go and then to push the reg hack out to all the clients.
    Embalmed, Dec 14, 2007
  10. Thanks jumping in, Kurt! :)

    Now, since the "registry hack" seems to solve the problems with urlmon.dll
    running IE6 under Windows XP SP2, wouldn't it be a good idea to revise the
    Security Bulletin MS07-069 and the "Known Issues" section there which still
    states, that there are no known problems?

    Further more, what will the next steps be from MS to really fix the issue
    for the average user? The release of a KB942615v2 for IE6 on Windows XP SP2
    *inculding* the registry fix or even better, releasing the update package
    with a fixed urlmon.dll? Me thinks it's somewhat unacceptable to force
    users hacking in the heart and brain of Windows aka the registry themself
    and leaving those users in the dark, which will most likely never find the
    way into the newsgroups to get aware of the -well- "fix".

    In the meantime I've uploaded the registry fix on my little web site the
    other day: http://patch-info.de/IE/Downloads/IE6SP2_urlmon_dll-Crash.zip
    The zip file contains "IE6SP2_Hotfix_KB942367_aktivieren.reg" which will
    import the neccessary "registry hack" into the registry after double
    clicking on it and letting it merge into the registry.
    "IE6SP2_Hotfix_KB942367_deaktivieren.reg" is included in the zip file too
    which will remove the registry keys again in case someone needs too.
    Note that the registry fix only works for these IE6 instances, that have
    been started *after* applying the registry hack/fix. So it's a good idea
    to close *all* opened IE6 windows *before* applying the registry fix.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 15, 2007
  11. Bill Drake

    georgieb Guest

    A huge thanks for all your efforts. On the techno radar I have nothing
    but a logical mind and an ability to read "plain english" & this post
    truly made sense of all the noise (& reassured me that merging
    Freudi's file into the Registry would resolve the issue, which it
    did). Wish, somehow, that all & sundry struggling with this problem,
    fearful of regedit, still posting to various blogs, etc, etc, could
    get to this post, download, open, doubleclick & get on with it, if MS
    is truly not going to address this (except on a case by case
    basis..monstrous & inconceivable from a Customer Service point of view
    but???) until maybe the next update in January. In any case, you folks
    ROCK ! Glad I found you. Thanks again & until next (I'm sure there
    will be one)
    georgieb, Dec 18, 2007
  12. Bill Drake

    ~Carol Guest

    THANK YOU, Freudi! Worked like a charm! :)
    ~Carol, Dec 18, 2007
  13. Bill Drake

    Vince Guest

    I have not updated my machine yet as I am too busy to be on it anyway. I do
    however have 85 computers at work that I am getting ready to install the
    updates on. But first at my other job one person did install the updates
    with the same urlmon issues.

    Now I could have easily followed the instructions in the article telling how
    to modify the registry but since Freudi took the time to post the reg file
    so we could all simply download and run it was great. Saved me time and will
    save others that are afraid to go into the registry the fear of doing so.

    That said. Freudi you did include a reg file to make it easy to remove the
    new key in the future if one wants to. Do you think it necessary to remove
    this key when the next cumulative updated comes out or at some time in the

    Vince, Dec 18, 2007
  14. I doubt it will be neccessary, but you never know. I'll post in this
    very thread *if* MS fixes the issue themself by releasing a "repaired/
    repairing" update and in case it's needed to remove the registry key.

    You're welcome,
    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 18, 2007
  15. In case you are using IE6 on Windows XP SP2:

    Let KB942615 download and install. Afterwards download
    http://patch-info.de/artikel/2007/12/11/435 open it, double click
    on the contained IE6SP2_Hotfix_KB942367_aktivieren.reg and approve
    to let it merge into the registry.
    Not yet.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 18, 2007
  16. Bill Drake

    gem1201 Guest

    gem1201, Dec 19, 2007
  17. Bill Drake

    gfm Guest

    Thanks for the all the input - on so many different forums and newsgroups
    and across so many threads. I'm pulling my hair out trying to keep up with
    it all.

    I discovered this problem (IE6 crashing after the 942615 update) on a single
    machine (the others are running IE7) and manually applied the registry patch
    from the 942367 article - and it is working fine again! This particular
    machine runs the free AVG Antivirus along with the Windows Firewall - so if
    antivirus software is suddenly interfering with automatic Windows updates in
    some way, we can add AVG to the list.

    BTW - the link to
    http://patch-info.de/IE/Downloads/IE6SP2_urlmon_dll-Crash.zip has not been
    responding for the past day or so - is that site down or possibly
    inaccessible from some locales?

    gfm, Dec 19, 2007
  18. Nope, it's working as it should and responsive. Some ~500 downloads in
    the meantime are confessing that it does. What error message do you get?
    You may want to try to download once more and consider, that there's a
    daily maintenance between 4AM and 5AM CET.

    In case you still have trouble accessing the file and site, mail me
    and I'll mail you the file.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 19, 2007
  19. Bill Drake

    gfm Guest

    Just tried it again. No errors at all - it just times out (Internet
    Explorer cannot display the webpage) whether I put in http://patch-info-de
    or Can't even ping it (times out). Coming from Ohio
    through Verizon.

    The .reg file is actually attached to one of the other threads in this
    newsgroup, so I did get a copy of it.

    OK - the site just started working for me - right after I successfully
    pinging it from dnsstuff.com. Weird! I'm UTC-5h and you're UTC+1h, so I
    don't think I'm hitting the maintenance window. Oh, well. Not to worry.

    gfm, Dec 19, 2007
  20. Well, thanks for testing, but the problem seems to be on your (provider's)
    end (DNS setting/server) from my point of view.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 19, 2007
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