web mail send and receive errors old sbcglobal account

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by marieanddan, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. marieanddan

    marieanddan Guest

    I'm hitting the following errors trying to send and receive email.. I talked
    to att support and they 'cleaned up' the servers as some were pointing to
    some old sbc servers. Here are the two errors:

    The connection to the server has failed. Subject 'test', Account:
    '', Server: 'smtp.att.yahoo.com', Protocol: SMTP,
    Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10013, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

    The connection to the server has failed. Account:
    '', Server: 'pop.att.yahoo.com', Protocol: POP3,
    Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10013, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

    using yahoomaiil works just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    marieanddan, Mar 11, 2010
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  2. Your settings in Windows Mail are correct. Something is preventing
    WM from connecting to the mail servers. Are you running any third party
    security software (antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam, firewall, etc.)?
    Gary VanderMolen [MVP], Mar 11, 2010
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  3. marieanddan

    Adrian Cogan Guest

    i have the same problem. i can't receive (since earlier today) e-mail but i can send it from my 2 pc's: one vista one w7.
    tried w/ & w/o firewall. did not work.
    all my acconts settings were not changed for the last 3-4 years!
    i 'deparately' need a solution: please help!
    Adrian Cogan, Mar 12, 2012
  4. marieanddan

    Bruce Hagen Guest

    Since you are using a different server, you can't possibly se the same

    Please post any error message in its entirety. You can left click on it to
    highlight and then right click to copy and then paste it into this thread.
    Bruce Hagen, Mar 12, 2012
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