Webrrot Firewall vs Windows Firewall

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Octavio, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Octavio

    Octavio Guest

    I have and use Webroot Antispyware and recently added the newly included
    Webroot Firewall to the set, since the addition was free with the Webroot
    subscription and Webroot announced that its Firewall was compatible with
    Windows Vista and provided some advertising information stating that it was

    I have had a few bumps since the installation, and have noticed that some
    of the websites are sometimes a little slowly to appear, but in general, it
    seems to work OK so far.

    One thing that I have noted now is that the Windows Vista Firewall is turned

    Those of you who have installed the Webroot Firewall, can you post what
    your experiences are in its compatibility with Vista? What do you all
    think about the automatic turning off of the Vista Firewall? Which one do
    you "subjectively" think that is better (The Vista or the Webroot

    Thanks in advance.
    Octavio, Jan 20, 2008
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  2. You want the Windows firewall turned off. It's a bad idea to have more
    than one firewall running at the same time. Any commercial firewall
    software I've used does it.

    I found their firewall to be "effective", but annoying. Too many prompts
    even after saying "remember". One specific thing that annoyed me was
    that I never did actually find a way to easily open a port. I need to
    create a VPN tunnel to my work network on occasion. I couldn't get it to
    work without turning off the firewall. Also, the logs and on=line help
    were not very helpful.

    I ended up removing SpySweeper because it just takes too long to load
    and shut down. I'm now evaluating NOD32 (actually ESET Smart Security)
    and it's very nice. has AV and a firewall as well as e-mail security,
    etc.. Boot times are *MUCH* faster...

    I also found that WebRoot tech support has deteriorated over the past
    couple of years. I sent e-mails asking how to open a port on the
    firewall and never got a response.

    I'm afraid SpySweeper/WebRoot have become somewhat "bloatware"...


    Hank Arnold
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Server - Directory Services
    Hank Arnold (MVP), Jan 20, 2008
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  3. Octavio

    Victek Guest

    I have and use Webroot Antispyware and recently added the newly included
    As already mentioned you don't want two software firewalls enabled at the
    same time so it's appropriate for Webroot to turn off the Windows Firewall
    automatically (it should turn the Windows Firewall back ON too, if/when you
    uninstall it). As far as which is better, one advantage of Webroot and
    other third party firewalls is they have outbound connection monitoring ON
    by default. The Windows Firewall has outbound connection monitoring turned
    OFF by default (I've read that it can be turned ON, but I haven't tried it).
    I think monitoring outbound connections has value. Currently I use PC Tools
    Firewall Plus (freeware) which is stable on Vista and doesn't slowdown
    Victek, Jan 20, 2008
  4. Octavio

    Octavio Guest

    Thanks, Arnold. I also have been annoyed all the way along since I
    installed Webroot about the time it takes to load the updates and also then
    the re-installations. It is a little unwelcome shore when the Webrook
    website announces that there is an update. Wish the process where somewhat
    more automatic without my involvement at all.
    I also have noted the prompts, will wait a little bit to get a better feel
    about the entire thing before I make a final decision about that (they ask
    my if I want to "allow" or "block" strange names such as sfBXX3345.xx? How
    the hell we the novices are supposed to know what these foreign aliases are
    about, from where they come from, and if they should be "allowed" or "not"?
    They keep me in suspense most of the time without knowing what to do when
    one of them appears)
    Look forward to heard more opinions.
    Thanks again.
    Octavio, Jan 20, 2008
  5. Octavio

    CB Guest


    I used Webroot products for many years and at the time they were very
    good applications. However, sad to say, Webroot has been going downhill for
    several years now.
    I have found that their products are not compatible with Windows Vista,
    regardless of what Webroot states. They cause too many problems in too many
    Webroot's support departments are terrible, almost non-existant. Plan
    on taking a two or three week vacation after you email them with a problem.
    It's possible they may answer your questions before you return from vacation,
    but I doubt it.
    My personal advice, based upon my own experience with their products,
    is to stay far away from any of their products.
    Have a nice day.

    CB, Jan 20, 2008
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