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Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by wannafixit, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. wannafixit

    wannafixit Guest

    My problem is not serious but annoying.

    I have set as default keyboard layout the one called Polish-programmers. And
    almost everything works Ok despite after power on my computer. For the first
    logon after power on the keyboard layout is always switched to Polish. I am
    Polish so it doesn't look like a problem but it is. The Polish keyboard
    layout is very rarely used only by people who used typewriters and almost
    every younger computer user uses layout called Polish-programmers ( based on
    American keyboard layout).
    Until I found what was happening I even locked my acoount because of it.
    After first logon on any acoount the layout works acoording to windows system
    setting i.e if I set Americacn it is American. For example if I logoff or
    switch users I have to use windows-based keyboard layout for the next logging
    in. The probelm returns only after rebotting the computer.

    It is not urgent but maybe someone can help.

    Just in case :Sytem: Windows XP SP2 regularly updated. Machine: Laptop Dell
    Precision M65
    wannafixit, Aug 9, 2008
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