Western Digital 1TB World Book - Vista Ultimate x64 Issues

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by cincoe, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. cincoe

    cincoe Guest

    ::Okay guys. I've read and read and asked and asked and now I am
    looking to the experts. Got a good one for you. Here's the deal...::
    ::I have four computers running off of a wireless secure lynksys router
    (connected to DSL) and all four connected to an HP Printer (wirelessly).
    2 computers running WindowsXP and 2 Running Windows Vista x64 / one with
    Home Premium and the other Ultimate (it happens to be a tablet PC- which
    I doubt is relevant but who knows anymore).:confused:::
    ::For backup external drives I have an old WD Net Center and a New WD
    World Book Terabyte drive. I have the same problem with both WD drives
    and I need resolution--they make a good solid product, but their support
    is terrible! The old WD Net Center is no longer supported by WD (or at
    least that is what they tell me) and the other is brand new. Neither
    seem to have 64-bit compatibility OR at least as far as my Vista
    Ultimate x64 PC is concerned. WD will barely speak to me. It's like
    x64 is a disease to them! :sick:::
    ::The OLD WD Net Center works fine on both XP's and the Vista Home
    Premium - I haven't checked it out yet on the NEW WD World Book - I've
    been too busy trying to figure out my x64 issue; The tablet running
    Vista Ultimate x64 has major issues with both external drives. (Being
    that the tablet is my primary box - this is a serious drag since I can't
    back up to anything!)::
    ::I can install the WD Software and recognize the drive. I was also
    able to Right click properties and remove READ ONLY designation from the
    folders. ::
    ::I can still only open and view folders. And, I can create a NEW
    FOLDER - BUT I cannot name it. I also can't transfer other files (or
    backup) to the drive. For instance, when I try to create a new folder
    and then try to name it, I get an error that reads: \"The Y:/ notebook
    folder does not exist. the file may have been moved or deleted. Do you
    want to create it? YES or NO\" ::
    ::First, the Y:/ is the drive letter for the folder which IS there.
    Second, I have never had the nerve to click YES and see what happens
    because I have a lot of data on this thing and if recreates or deletes
    the folder and I lose the data I am totally hosed. So, I click NO and
    just pretend that next time it might work... Not really, but it feels
    that way sometimes.::
    ::It's like its a weird permissions thing with Ultimate, but I can't
    figure it out! I changed permissions to Everyone and applied FULL
    CONTROL, but it still won't work and it looks like it may even be
    reverting back to NO CONTROL Permisions. The other Vista x64 machine
    works fine, so this has to be an Ultimate or Tablet issue, right? ::
    I know enough to be dangerous, but I don't know the technical aspects
    of permissions and securities. I will also admit that the capabilities
    of Ultimate exceed my expertise. But I can't go back and I just keep
    thinking this is something simple that I am missing and once I get it,
    then I can slap my head, yell \"Duh\" and go back to work for goodness

    My local techno geek :geek: thought the permissions thing would do it,
    too. Considering that I had a system board go out (unrelated) on the
    tablet (on April Fools day of all days) and I just got it back from HP,
    you can see my anxiousness in wanting to back up. The longer story is I
    also had a Simple Tech that worked with the Vista but crashed and burned
    at the same time as the system board and so the New WD World Book IS the
    backup for what was the backup and my guy barely managed to save all my
    data - and its on the WD World book now. I NEED THIS FIXED!

    This is like a cyber nightmare! :devil: I'm lookin' for a hero here,
    SAVE ME!;)

    cincoe, Apr 17, 2009
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