WGA & WGA Notification & Windows Updates Myths.

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Jonah, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Jonah

    Jonah Guest

    Every month I check this group for possible issues before updating my
    windows boxes. Every month the same old WGA and other assorted update
    related issues crop up time after time.

    With apologies to MVPs who do a fine job but obviously won't like this
    post much and to MSFT who IMHO should stop victimising innocent users
    with WGA and maybe to get real security flaws patched (such as the
    recent MS Word issue) in days not weeks, and test updates a lot more


    You DO NOT have to get updates from Windows Updates there are
    alternative sources. The links I posted are in my experience safe
    alternatives although this cannot be guaranteed so use at your own
    risk. I use them mainly to update machines for people with genuine
    installations having problems with windows updates.

    WGA Validation is only needed if you use the official Windows Update
    site or wish to install "Free" windows stuff like Defender. If Windows
    asks you to validate you can say NO it is not compulsary.

    Read This from Kurt very interesting and informative with vital ninfo
    on how to install updates without the risks of a busted installation.
    The guys not a big MSFT fan but thats not entirely unusual, his advice
    is rock solid.


    Alternate Update sites here


    WGA Notification Tray is NOT REQUIRED, you do not have to install it,
    it is not a "critical update" it is little better than spyware in the
    same way as the recent Sony Rootkit. It is beneficial only to MSFT who
    because they cannot stop pirate copies of Windows being distributed en
    masse are going after the end users, the motives for which are
    purported to be a genuine concern for unwitting users of pirate
    software and maybe there is some degree of truth in that, but it is
    still victimising innocent users on a grand scale not to mention
    causing lots of problems on genuine machines with WGA, and doing
    nothing to stop the knowing users of pirate copies of Windows who do
    not use Windows Updates anyway.

    If WGA Notify does not install (errors) think yourself lucky. If it
    has installed removal instructions are below along with a lot more
    interesting information. If you know your system is genuine you do not
    need this crap installing itself and spying on you. However if you are
    OK with it read the privacy policy before you decide weather or not to
    remove it on the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


    Finally turn Automatic Updates OFF, do not allow MSFT to install
    anything it feels like on your PC any time it wishes to. If you use
    the Windows Update site do it manually, choose "custom" read the
    details of each update and select "do not show me this again" for the
    updates you do not want (WGA notify tool for eg).
    The rubbish you read re "Your Computer May be at Risk if you turn
    automatic updates off" is total bollocks. MSFT only do updates once
    per month whatever security flaws are out there the only thing they
    update outside of update Tuesday is WGA. If you are that paranoid set
    updates to "notify only".

    Learn to distinguish between what actually is a "critical" security
    flaw and what is not by reading the actual bulletins under the
    "details" link and select updates accordingly.

    If you are really sick of it all learn a Linux Distro or buy a MAC.


    Jonah, Jun 15, 2006
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  2. Jonah

    jonic Guest

    Is there a way to disable mSFT Office validation tool as well? REad thru
    disablend remove WGV digital life site. did not see info on MS OFFICE
    validation tool, which causes mind boggling dowload errors as well.. ie
    lastest word 2002 updte in the massive group from today
    jonic, Jun 15, 2006
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  3. Jonah

    jonah Guest

    Dunno about that I only use Open Office except at work.


    That site has Office Patches, the latest ones will not be available
    for a few days. yet.

    Alternatively try going to Office Update directly it always works for
    me when I have to update an office installation for somebody.


    jonah, Jun 15, 2006
  4. Jonah

    jonic Guest

    thak you kindly for your time. wil try office site. i also use open office
    jonic, Jun 15, 2006
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