What Absolute Junk Vista Ultimate 64 bit OS is

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Ron, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Ron

    nexor63 Guest

    You right about checking the different versions, who thought that Msof
    would not include the fax console in Home Premium, All the XP version
    have it. In South Africa most people having a home based business use X
    Home, because it's afordable and give you everything you need, even fo
    For that reason, Vista Home Premium would be the ideal OS to replace X
    Home, so everyone thought
    nexor63, Jul 2, 2008
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  2. Ron

    Shane Nokes Guest

    If you have your Vista partition setup as 200GB you must be some kind of

    That's nothing to brag about since any intelligent user limits the size of
    the OS partition to only the needed amount to help prevent fragmentation.
    The intelligent user would then divide up the remaining disk space amongst
    various uses.

    For instance I have 2TB of HD space in my system.

    My Vista partition is 40GB and even that's a little larger than I should
    have made it. I then have a programs partition and a games partition.
    Another partition is setup to handle only downloaded files and documents.
    Beyond that the rest is all backup storage in case of a system failure.

    My Performance and Reliability Monitor rates the system at an 8.4. The only
    reason why it's that low is due to some older applications that I use
    occasionally hanging. There are newer versions that I could upgrade to for
    free, but I just haven't taken the time. So that's my fault and not the
    fault of the OS.

    Then again I have a feeling that you're just trolling for fun.
    Shane Nokes, Jul 3, 2008
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  3. Ron

    Shane Nokes Guest

    Not to mention the fact that his PSU is overkill in some areas and weak in

    I run only a 375W PSU in mine, but my rails are stronger than his in quite a
    few important areas.
    Shane Nokes, Jul 3, 2008
  4. Ron

    Xenomorph Guest

    I haven't had any issue with Vista x64.

    My system stays up for weeks at a time. I only reboot when installing some
    silly software that needs to update system files (like Windows Updates).

    I keep my system constantly overclocked at 1600FSB as well. Vista is stable
    as a ROCK.

    I'm sorry if you're having issues with your computer, but it's not Vista's
    Xenomorph, Jul 4, 2008
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