what does Windows Defender really protects and scans for?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by A.H., Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Used to be first line, when it was a way to help users to avoid
    executing malicious code attached to trusted code. It was most important
    to be able to detect more viruses than your competitor. Simple rules
    like only getting programs from trusted sources - and submitting them to
    scanning (trust, yet verify) was as good a first line as you could get -
    not much need for the all too common foistware removal applications.
    Now, with "on-access" general malware scanning it is a last ditch effort
    to intercede on the user's behalf while enabling the user to be
    oblivious to safe practices. Many other kinds of antimalware are not
    strictly preventative in nature, but require the malware be installed
    (to identify it) and is geared toward removal. Users no longer feel any
    need to refrain from executing random malware.

    So, a last ditch effort on the one hand, and a post installation removal
    on the other hand, I can't agree that it is a first line of defense

    Education is the *best* first line of defense - but the antimalware
    industry may have given up on the pipedream that it is even possible.
    The OS software developers have already started to *enforce* certain
    good practices - much to the irritation of both the users and some of
    the 'OS compatible software' developers.
    FromTheRafters, Aug 15, 2009
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  2. A.H.

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Why on earth would you want to tell someone who has Windows based programs to use an
    INFERIOR OS that WON'T run any of his software programs? I know why.. You are an asshole.

    People don't want to ditch Windows to run that FREE CRAPPY Ubuntu that people reject
    99.999% of the time.

    Ubuntu is for geeks who can't get laid. If you want to waste all your time, then use Ubuntu.
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 15, 2009
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  3. true, but that is also why people have an antivirus scanner and a malware
    scanner. whether the AV has malware scanning capabilities or not, I still use
    both. no program is going to be 100% because there are new things that
    develop all the time. I have run an antivirus program and ad aware for years.
    ad aware catches what the AV doesn't.

    Education is the *best* first line of defense - but the antimalware
    True, but it all boils down to the user. anyone at any given time can land
    on a malicious link somewhere, but without any line of protection at all.how
    do you know when something has entered the system or not? it is just as
    important to have that as it is to keep an operating system patched. I have
    had viruses many times before. but my programs have tracked them before they
    did any real damage.
    Rage Skywolfe, Aug 15, 2009
  4. if you are using cracks to begin with, that in itself is risky. those sites
    are crawling with themat times if you like the game go buy it. the same with
    programs. the problem with cracks is it is a limited update feature usualy if
    it is for a program. there are efinately many good free scanners out there,
    and they are alot safer than getting a crack from somewhere.
    Rage Skywolfe, Aug 15, 2009
  5. A.H.

    Alias Guest

    And these programs that you say *everyone* uses are?
    Because, dumb ****, Linux is safer than Windows and doesn't need any
    stinking anti virus or anti malware programs, of course!
    A lie. If everyone abandoned Windows, this nymshifter would be out of
    work so he's highly motivated to lie.
    Another lie which begs the question how many times do you get laid when
    you bop on by the pub with your shiny new copy of Vista?

    Alias, Aug 15, 2009
  6. In early December of 2008 Microsoft announced the development on an antivirus
    product code named "Morro", officially titled Microsoft Security Essentials.

    The Freeware program will replace both Windows Defender and Windows Live

    OneCare will be discontinued by the end of June 2009 and Windows Defender
    will be discontinued by the end of summer 2009.

    Current users will continue to get the latest Malware definition files
    until the end of the summer.




    Ǝиçεl, Aug 15, 2009
  7. A.H.

    Alias Guest

    So what?

    Alias, Aug 15, 2009
  8. A.H.

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Then you FUCKWIT, why is Linux NOT on most of the PC's out there?

    The other 5% have a playstation you retard.

    Wrong fucktard.

    Shows what you know. NOTHING.
    Is that what you try and mount each night?
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 16, 2009
  9. A.H.

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    You know perfectly well what most people use. Microsoft Office. Adobe Photoshop,
    Microsoft Works, .etc......
    Nobody writes viruses for Linux because NOBODY uses Linux!
    Sorry. I have work for a long time. Oops.

    I no longer use Vista because I now have the RTM of Windows 7 Ultimate. Oops.
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 16, 2009
  10. A.H.

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    That is what you should say each time someone posts about that SHITTY OS Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu is that crappy OS that is on less than one percent of the desktops out there for a

    People think it's crap.

    It is crap.

    Ubuntu will always be crap. HA HA HA HA
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 16, 2009
  11. A.H.

    Alias Guest

    All have comparable or better programs available in Linux for free.
    Oops. Got any more that *everyone* uses?
    Even if they did and the Home directory was infected, you can sandbox it
    and create a new Home directory and keep on keeping on. Oops again. For
    a true root kit or other malware, it would have to get its hands on the
    kernel, a very difficult thing to do.
    Not if your clients switch to Linux, you don't.
    OK, a shiny DVD of Windows 7 Ultimate gets you laid when you bop on by
    the pub?

    Alias, Aug 17, 2009
  12. A.H.

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    I have been using Windows for many years and my computer has never had a problem with
    viruses. You are spreading FUD.

    If everyone abandoned Windows then you are correct. But it ain't gunna happen anytime
    soon. Just keep dreaming. Just keep smoking that Hash and all your "dreams" will come
    true only in your fucked up mind!

    My clients know better. My clients want to be productive and make money. They stick with
    Windows. It's amazing how many companies make tons of money, their directors, CEO's,
    etc.. make the right decisions by staying with Windows.

    Recession or not, I still do very well in this economy.

    Now if I had to use that crappy Ubuntu, I would be selling Oranges on the freeway ramp!

    Don't go to the pub. When I want to get laid, I just have to ask the wife!

    What do you do? Pounce on your Sheep?
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 17, 2009
  13. A.H.

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Hey dipshit - Just because a removal tool is installed doesn't mean I need to use it.

    So if you have a grapefruit in the house are you going to **** it?
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 17, 2009
  14. A.H.

    Alias Guest

    The Nymshifter gives new meaning to "removal tool".

    Alias, Aug 17, 2009
  15. A.H.

    Gwalo Guest

    Hi everybody
    i am looking to buy windows 7 and i want to know if the improve
    version of windows defender will be more competent than the vist
    version?and what about its protection features
    Gwalo, Nov 17, 2009
  16. What "improved version of Windows Defender" are you talking about?

    Microsoft Security Essentials? If so, it does much more than WD did.

    I would suggest getting MSE and using it until you decide on what you
    consider "better" for whatever reason.

    MSE is designed to address both viral and non-viral malware including
    some spyware and adware - how good it is at any particular category
    remains to be seen though. Some have reported that it is insufficient
    protection as it now stands.
    FromTheRafters, Nov 18, 2009
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