Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is used to identify your computer on a network. Most people will have an Internal and External IP address:
  • An Internal IP Address is one given to each computer on a local network (for example, each computer connected to a router has an internal IP address). These normally start with 169 or 192.
  • An External IP Address is used when you connect to the internet, and would be assigned to your router. If you connect directly to the internet from your PC, this may be the only IP address you have.
To identify your Internal computers IP addresses, start the command prompt by running cmd from the run menu (press WINDOWS KEY + R to load this):


Then, type ipconfig and press enter:

Your internal IP address will be listed as show above (often as IPv4).

To find out your External IP address, visit one of the IP locating websites to get a quick answer (some examples would be :, and If you have a dynamic IP address from your Internet Provider, this may change each time you connect.​
Ian, Apr 21, 2008