What is the best Anti-Virus For Vista?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Doofy, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Doofy

    Doofy Guest

    What is the best Anti-Virus For Vista?
    Doofy, Aug 22, 2007
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  2. Carey Frisch [MVP], Aug 22, 2007
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  3. Doofy

    Bob Guest

    Do a Google or similar search and compare. I have AVG free on some
    machines and Avast another free and a very good AV program. I use NOD-32
    on my personal laptop which is not a free program but IMPO it is one of
    the best..Read what you can and make a decision on what seems best for
    your situation...
    Bob, Aug 22, 2007
  4. Doofy

    Robert Moir Guest

    There isn't a single "best Anti-Virus" because people have different needs
    and the different programs each work in different ways and hence fit those
    different people.

    AVAST is a fair free product.
    F-Secure make a good antivirus product
    NOD32 is pretty good, as is Kaspersky Antivirus.

    But I'm sure people here have horror stories about each of those, and
    different suggestions for what product you should use (and some halfwits
    will even claim their preferred one is "the best")... and until you try a
    few of the options and see which one fits you and your situation you'll
    never be sure you've found the best one for you. Why not take a look at the
    ones I suggest above while you wait for more suggestions?
    Robert Moir, Aug 22, 2007
  5. Doofy

    Spirit Guest

    Spirit, Aug 22, 2007
  6. Doofy

    Ken Blake Guest

    Answered in another newsgroup. Please do not send the same message
    separately to more than one newsgroup (called multiposting). Doing so just
    fragments the thread, so someone who answers in one newsgroup doesn't get to
    see answers from others in another newsgroup. And for those who read all the
    newsgroups the message is multiposted to, they see the message multiple
    times instead of once (they would see it only once if you crossposted

    If you must send the same message to more than one newsgroup, please do so
    by crossposting (but only to a *few* related newsgroups).

    See "What is the accepted way to share a message across multiple
    newsgroups?" at <http://smjg.port5.com/faqs/usenet/xpost.html>
    Ken Blake, Aug 22, 2007
  7. Free version - Avast
    Paid version - NOD32
    Best overall - NOD32

    Just my opinion having tried many as well as researched many more. My
    experience is that proper configuration is they key and rarely is the
    default configuration the best on most machines. For example, real-time
    e-mail scanning can often cause problems with e-mail programs, is almost
    never of any benefit, is redundant with real-time file system protection
    and is mostly just a marketing gimmick. Yet it defaults to being
    enabled in most AV applications.
    Tom Porterfield, Aug 22, 2007
  8. Doofy

    Tim Guest

    If you subscribe to internet access with either Verizon, Comcast, Or MSN,
    you should get a Complementary subsription to McAfee, which is more and more
    "vista capable" every day. It is a pretty reliable program, with the
    occasional "This problem requires your imput" for something like a bad

    But all in all, it does keep goons off of your computer

    If you do have one of these providers, check out the "security" tab
    somewhere on the browser or the providers homepage.

    Tim, Aug 22, 2007
  9. McAfee is overly resource intensive and no better than more efficient
    programs as far as detection reliability. They also have a less than
    stellar record around causing other problems on the system due to
    interference. As such, I don't recommend McAfee, even if free.
    Tom Porterfield, Aug 22, 2007
  10. Doofy

    Doofy Guest

    Doofy, Aug 22, 2007
  11. Doofy

    Julian Guest

    McAfee AV continues to screw Windows Mail.
    Julian, Aug 22, 2007
  12. Doofy

    Leythos Guest

    Symantec Corporate Edition 10.2 for workstations and servers, this is
    the only workstation AV solution I trust at this time.


    - Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.
    - Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a
    drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist"
    (remove 999 for proper email address)
    Leythos, Aug 22, 2007
  13. Doofy

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    You want something like Symantec on your system? Symantec is a resource
    hog, causing more problems than it's worth. Good luck.
    Bill Yanaire, Aug 22, 2007
  14. Doofy

    Yukon Jack Guest

    Yukon Jack, Aug 22, 2007
  15. Doofy

    Robert Moir Guest

    Yep. I don't think Carey has a single opinion that wasn't written in
    Microsoft's marketing department :-(

    I'd rather have no virus scanner than Microsoft Don't Care. At least you
    won't be lulled into a false sense of security.
    Robert Moir, Aug 22, 2007
  16. Doofy

    Yukon Jack Guest

    Well, obviously the one that detects the most virus's and has the least
    false detections is the best. I use AVG on Vista and Avast on Win2K but that
    is because I am a cheap bastage. From what I have read Kaspersky and Nod32
    get the highest ratings.

    If you want free though I prefer AVG as it is less resource hungry compared
    to Avast. Avast has better protection modules but I find it slows down my
    boot up time and my web browsing compared to AVG. Nod32 is designed with
    gamers in mind so uses the least resources and is a very good scanning
    engine too. Never used it yet but am going by my own research on Antivirus
    progs. One thing I don't like are obtrusive AV progs, like Norton.
    Yukon Jack, Aug 22, 2007
  17. Doofy

    Leythos Guest

    Bill, forgive the way I'm going to put this, but you don't know much
    about symantec. The Corporate versions are very low on resources, fast,
    don't expire each year, and have good support.

    For the Home/SOHO user version you are correct, Norton completely sucks,
    but I specifically mentioned CORPORATE.


    - Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.
    - Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a
    drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist"
    (remove 999 for proper email address)
    Leythos, Aug 22, 2007
  18. AVG. Make sure you get the latest version!

    Priceless quotes in m.p.w.vista.general group:

    "Only religious fanatics and totalitarian states equate morality with
    - Linus Torvalds
    The poster formerly known as 'The poster formerly , Aug 22, 2007
  19. Doofy

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    You know when I was using Norton back in 2001 it gave me nothing but trouble
    on Win 2K, to the point I had to dump it and never looked back.

    I have worked in companies that use the solution, and at least on the
    development workstations that were Win 2K Pro and XP Pro, it runs, no
    problems and I don't notice it.

    Really, what is difference between a home version of Norton and a corporate
    version Norton?

    I like NOD32 myself and use that on all my home machines.
    Mr. Arnold, Aug 22, 2007
  20. Doofy

    Robert Moir Guest

    Chalk and cheese. The home version is concerned with upselling you a new
    version and making a noise to convince you its keeping you clean. The
    corporate version is concerned with keeping you clean.
    Robert Moir, Aug 22, 2007
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