What is the Best Way to Migrate/Move a DNS Namespace to Another bo

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Charles, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Charles

    Charles Guest

    We have a Windows 2003 domain and we have several other namespaces out there:
    a few UNIX zones (bind 8.3.xx) and Windows 2000 DNS zones. These namespaces
    are old NT4 domains that had been upgraded to Windows 2000 domains. These
    domains have two way trusts to our main Windows 2003 domain right now.

    We are looking to move these namespaces in our Windows 2003 domain DNS
    servers. The host records in this outside zones are not members of our
    Windows 2003 domain. We want to create new forward lookup zones for these

    What is the best way to migrate those Windows 2000 domains (a couple of the
    domains use UNIX for DNS)? I hear you cannot do a zone Xfer between our main
    domain and an outside domain? Is that true?

    Is our only option to get the zone files from the UNIX and Windows 2000 DNS
    boxes and manually create new zones?

    Is there a way to do it where there will be NO down time during the migration?

    Thanks much,
    Charles, Dec 1, 2009
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  2. If your dns zone is AD integrated then your only option is to do a zone
    transfer. AD integrated zones don't have a way for you to manually do it.
    If you want to do a transfer (External should be fine, I can't think of a
    reason why it wouldn't work) just make your new server a secondary of the
    primary you want to transfer, transfer the zone, switch the secondary to a
    primary and then shut down the old primary.

    I did a Bing and found the article below that should walk you through it

    Paul Bergson
    MVP - Directory Services
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    Please no e-mails, any questions should be posted in the NewsGroup This
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    Paul Bergson [MVP-DS], Dec 3, 2009
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