What is the point of providing protected mode when we can't use it

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Miamidot, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Miamidot

    Miamidot Guest

    I am a traditional IE user.
    I write JSPs and servlets for a living and I write them only for IE. I do
    not <i>hate</i> firefox or oprah (or is it opera) but I am simply too lazy to
    make my products work for other browsers. I am perfectly happy with IE. Until
    IE7/Vista came along last week, that is. Every company I worked for agrees
    with me and I with them.

    I am writing this preamble so that some MVP would not come along and say I
    misunderstand IE7+Vista and have the wrong expectations with them. I have the
    right expectations for IE and Vista. The people have the right expectations
    and that is why Microsoft created and delayed Vista to meet those

    Microsoft and their tail-hugging MVPs need to admit - there is something
    incredibly wrong with the use of IE7 and Vista now and Microsoft needs to do
    something about it. Note that I did not say there is something wrong with IE7
    + Vista but something wrong [Emphasis]with the use of[/emphasis] IE7 + Vista.

    I bought an all-in-one package from Gateway which included Vista Premium and
    a nice Canon Printer-Scanner for a great price that even matches tigerdirect
    but without the annoying rebate schemes. I had to reinstall Vista because
    Bestbuy had installed all kinds of crap on it. Funny, those installation
    moments are when you get to read Microsoft propaganda - "Spend less time
    solving problems and more time (surfing the web)". There I told you - people
    have the right expectations for Vista but Vista have the wrong expectations
    of itself.

    It is a dual core 64 bit pentium 915. Eclipse or Netbeans would simply run
    like lightning on it, but not IE7. After two days of surfing, we could no
    longer bear the speed at which IE7 was chugging along. After installing
    Acrobat reader and the canon printer utils, IE7 said "internet explorer has
    stopped running." So I started running IE either as admin or with protected
    mode off. Okay, I used Internet Options -> Advanced -> Reset and that took
    care of the message and I could run IE7 protected mode again. I noticed that
    only MS plugins and Sun JDK and JRE was left enabled.

    As usual I had set google as our home page. I was happy as a clam. IE7 was
    running at a respectable speed. Two days later, "internet explorer has
    stopped running" again. I found that if I set the home page back to the
    original (MSN) protected mode would work again. In the mean time, Acrobat
    reader won't fire up until I disabled protected mode. I finnaly gave in to
    pressure to using FireFox.

    I have no problems with UAC. People just need to know that you need to
    acquire ownership of resources and tie up some security loose ends. But hey,
    I am speaking as someone who goes around fixing PCs. How would the regular
    person on the street know how to tie up those loose ends as I could?

    WHAT IS THE POINT of Microsoft ever giving us IE7 PROTECTED MODE when we
    effectivly can't use it?
    Why can't Vista allow me to list acrobat reader, canon printer util, google
    as exceptions to run in protected mode. With protected mode on, I can't read
    PDFs. What's the point? If you can't trust google or Adobe that means you
    (Microsoft, that is) have been selfishly not talking to Adobe and google. We
    the users do not like that. You allowed JDKs and JREs to stick on as plugins
    because there was a prior lawsuit.

    Perhaps a MVP will respond by saying "You stupid user, you just didn't know
    how to set up IE7 and Vista." With my level of expertise (not too humble a
    confession I know) I still misunderstood and missed expectations for Vista?
    What more the ordinary user? There is a problem that Microsoft needs to take
    care off.

    Finally, Microsoft, could you help wean me off Firefox and return to IE land
    by solving these problems or what you might consider my wrong expectations?
    Miamidot, Mar 22, 2007
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  2. Miamidot

    Miamidot Guest

    I meant to say ....

    I am perfectly happy with IE. Every company I worked for agrees with me
    and I with them that we write our products only for IE.
    Miamidot, Mar 22, 2007
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  3. Miamidot

    Dan Guest

    Just because you are happy with IE does not mean the general public is.
    Designing for one browser and one browser only is very narrow minded. If you
    design to meet web standards instead of IE standards all of your clients and
    their customers will be satisfied. I for one will tend to not use companies
    that require IE to access their web apps and tend to gravitate to those that
    support all browsers.

    Dan, Mar 23, 2007
  4. Miamidot

    Dan Guest

    This is a lose lose for your customers and their customers. Design your apps
    to web standards, not IE standards.

    Dan, Mar 23, 2007
  5. Miamidot

    Shane Nokes Guest

    It sounds to me like a bad install, to be honest.

    I use Acrobat all day long in IE7 & it's never caused me to have a failure.

    Are you running Acrobat8?

    Shane Nokes, Mar 23, 2007
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