What OS gets hacked first?> RESULTS

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by orange, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. orange

    orange Guest

    I posted about a contest with vista macosx and linux and hackers trying to
    compromise those systems

    which would be first? results are in ...

    read here


    Gone in 2 minutes: Mac gets hacked first in contest

    I was smart in being reluctant to point to vista as the first to go.. lol...
    (it was tempting though)
    orange, Mar 28, 2008
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  2. orange

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    This is old news "on the bridge" Maybe you should ask you counselor for
    something else to do before your parents pick you up from camp.
    Bill Yanaire, Mar 28, 2008
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  3. orange

    Bob Campbell Guest

    One can only imagine the spin happening right now in the Mac newsgroups.

    Any one with any sense always knew that OS X was only secure by being
    obscure. It is not inherently more secure than Vista just because "it is
    Unix" - whatever that means these days.
    Bob Campbell, Mar 28, 2008
  4. orange

    Jason Guest

    Exactly, the only reason why macs or even some version of unix these days are more secure then windows. Is exactly that 90% of the consumer market uses Windows. So why the hell would a good hacker/cracker want to spend time targeting a seldom used system when they can crack a widely used OS like windows and get a much larger return in the amount of systems they can compromise. Macs are safer because no one really cares about hacking them...

    Post Originated from http://www.VistaForums.com Vista Support Forums
    Jason, Mar 28, 2008
  5. orange

    Jason Guest

    Anything can and will be hacked. If 90% of the market used a flavor of unix, you can bet your *** they would be shooting out security updates left and right.

    Post Originated from http://www.VistaForums.com Vista Support Forums
    Jason, Mar 28, 2008
  6. orange

    Frank Guest

    You're stupid!
    Frank, Mar 28, 2008
  7. orange

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    He is not only stupid, but has no memory that he posted the same crap under
    "On the Bridge". I think they put Vodka in his baby bottle.
    Bill Yanaire, Mar 28, 2008
  8. orange

    Canuck57 Guest

    The best line I heard on this was, Vista lasted because nothing worked and
    it wasn't fast enough....

    Canuck57, Mar 28, 2008
  9. orange

    Orange Nuts Guest

    And the best line I hard was from a girl that dated Cauck57. She said,
    Damn, it only lasted two minutes? I didn't get anything out of it.
    Canuck57 said, I did. HA HA HA HA
    Orange Nuts, Mar 28, 2008
  10. The group session is starting Frank. Get in here now!
    Frank's Pyschiatrist, Mar 28, 2008
  11. orange

    Orange Nuts Guest

    Ubuntu is damaged and retarted
    Orange is brain damaged and retarted

    Ubuntu is often called a pig with lipstick
    Orange is a pig with lipstick

    Ubuntu is slow
    Oranges brain is slow

    Ubuntu is all hype with no real innovation
    Orange is all hype with nothing to back it up with

    People hate Orange because he is stupid
    People hate Ubuntu because it is stupid

    Ubuntu tried to appear as a good OS but its really crap
    Orange tries to boast all the time and appear great, but he is really crap

    Ubuntu was created by a bunch of monkeys
    Oranges momma and papa were monkeys

    Oranges bad attitude and unstable mentality alienates everyone
    Ubuntus bad-quirky-unstable behavior alienates everyone

    Ubuntu has no originality or innovation
    Orange has absolutely no originality and is boring

    Ubuntu is forced on to people by idiots like Alias
    Orange is forced upon people by trolling the Ubuntu newsgroup

    Ubuntu is a loser
    Orange is a loser

    Ubuntu is based on crap
    Orange is crap
    Orange Nuts, Mar 28, 2008
  12. orange

    DarkSentinel Guest

    Don't let ray, or any of the other of the smacktards here you say that. I've
    brought this point up many times. Most black hats these days look for
    notoriety. What is going to get you more notoriety? Hacking 100,000 Win
    systems or 10 Linux?
    DarkSentinel, Mar 30, 2008
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