When does sysprep.ini get read? During sysprep or during next boot?

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Paul Kelly, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly Guest

    I'm trying to create a base image (within MS Virtual Server) for development
    purposes and effectively want to create two scenarios:

    Boot image and get prompted for server name / local admin password and
    automatically join to a specified domain

    Boot image and get prompted for server name / local admin password and leave
    in a workgroup (for "DMZ|" usage etc.)

    I can successfully create either scenario, but the way I've done it is to
    start with one base-install, mark it as read only and then create two
    sysprepped disks, one using each method, with the base-install one as the

    I'd rather just create (virtual) disk based solely on the original and
    control, at boot time, which kind of build I want, perhaps by means of a
    floppy (either virtual or real).

    Ultimately, I'd like to just create a HD based on a sysprepped build and
    feed it a "floppy" (real or virtual) with the final details such as server
    name, domain / workgroup as appropriate, but I'm just not quite clear at
    which point the sysprep.ini file kicks in.

    Can you basically feed it a further sysprep.ini on a floppy AFTER having run
    the sysprep tool (and cloned the HD of course)?


    Paul Kelly, Aug 21, 2006
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