when i want to be lazy - does copying the entire store folder to another computer work?

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Roland Schweiger, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Using WLM 2012 on several systems: there are about 11 eMail accounts,
    some pop3, some IMAP, 2 are deltaSync/Hotmail, and also WLM is logged
    into a Windows Live account for calendar/contact sync.

    Until now i always did that manually when installing a new user:
    setting up each account manually, syncing it. Exporting the (local)
    store folder, and importing it and so on.

    Now again i must install the user on a new machine.

    Can i try the following:

    1. simply copy the entire folder "Windows Live Mail" to a location on
    the new system.

    2. in the maintainance option of WLM on the new system, pointing the
    store folder to that new location.

    3. Closing WLM and re-opening it ..... and waiting.

    The question -- will that work? Or is it dangerous? Dangerous in a way
    that e.g. the subfolders of an @live address will no longer sync
    properly, or the calendar gets upset or similar?

    Has any one tried that ..... brutal method?


    Roland Schweiger
    Roland Schweiger, Apr 12, 2013
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  2. Roland Schweiger

    Magnus Guest

    Seems simple enough. Why don't YOU try that and let us know what you
    found out.
    Magnus, Apr 12, 2013
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  3. Roland Schweiger

    Ildhund Guest

    Roland Schweiger wrote...
    I'm assuming you're talking about a new installation of Windows Live Mail, not a new Windows user profile.

    So long as the build of WLMail you're copying from is the newest, I would suggest that you copy the entire store folder to the default location (%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail) on the new profile. Then install WLMail; the installer should find the store folder and take it into use. The only thing you should have to do is re-enter any saved account passwords, because they are encrypted using a key based on the user profile.

    This should also bring the default calendar, but contacts will be more problematic. They are stored elsewhere, along with many other bits of Windows Live Essentials. If you do need to transfer the default contacts list (used when not signed in) as well, you could copy the Contacts folder across after installing WLMail. However, this should all happen while working offline (disconnected from the Internet) so that there's no calling home or synchronization until the files are in place.
    Ildhund, Apr 12, 2013
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Yes it's a new installation of WLM on a new machine (therefore also a
    new windows user) but it's supposed to be exactly the same WLM user
    .... with mainly the IMAP and DeltaSync accounts being kept up to date
    on all machines.

    All worked!

    WLM was already installed (latest version) so i did it this way:

    1. opened WLM and went off-line, deleted the (test)-account that
    existed, set the database compression to "1" and closed WLM.

    2. copied the "Windows Live Mail" folder from the other system to the
    default location. (Folder Options set to "show protected hidden system

    3. Opened WLM, waited for all the thermometer bars to complete
    flashing :) and then went online.

    4. As stated correctly, i had to enter all the passwords of the imap,
    pop3, @live and news-server accounts.

    5. The calendar came up (after logging into live) and also the
    contacts (the online synced ones from the live account).

    Until now ... it all seems to work perfect.

    I was very very sceptic about doing it this way because sometimes the
    DeltaSync thing gets upset and refuses to sync (Error 3204 that has
    been disgussed several times to which there is no exact soluötion).
    But it all worked out fine - really eayy doing it that way and as i
    said, also the contacts were ok because they are not the local ones.


    An interesting thing also works on Windows7 -- as long as we still

    A friend of mine accidentially deleted on her machine a vast number of
    sub-folders (in the local store as well as subfolders of eMail
    To try to repair this, i looked at the properties of "Windows Live
    Mail" and "previous versions" and thankfulle there was one from just
    last week.

    What i now sould have done is ..... to manually copy away the affected
    folders and (re)import them.
    But i did it the brutal way:

    1. Opened WLM and went off-line.

    2. went to "Windows Live Mail" folder, right-clicked it, chose the
    corresponding "previous version" and pressed the "restore" button (not
    the "copy" button).

    3. opend WLM and went on-line.

    It worked perfectly!

    However: there was no @live or hotmail account affected. I suppose if
    a subfolder of an hotmail account would have been affected,
    DeltaSync would have tried to delete it again because it was historic
    (i suppose in such a case i really would have had to copy all the
    folders manually).
    But very interesting to see that this Shaddow Copy / previous version
    thing can really help!!

    Petty that they kick this in Windows8 ... File History is no
    replacement as it always requires a separate drive.


    Roland Schweiger
    Roland Schweiger, Apr 13, 2013
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