When will Vista SP1 an XP SP3 be ready??

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by JJ, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. JJ

    max Guest

    I am one of those who installed the first public Beta on my Home Premium,
    then upgraded to Ultimate and now am not able to see the SP1 listed to be
    able to uninstall it, yet trying to install the refresh it via the full
    package says it is already installed and via the registry hack and Windows
    Update SP1 never shows up an either installed or an option to install.
    max, Jan 27, 2008
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  2. JJ

    f/fgeorge Guest

    The "official" release should not, the pre-release versions did on
    some machines. Beta versions of software are always to be considered
    suspect and should NEVER be used on critical machines. Pre-release
    versions of SP1 are just that, Beta versions.
    f/fgeorge, Jan 27, 2008
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  3. JJ

    Dag Korsnes Guest

    I have been through them all, also long before Windows. I don't miss
    working with device drivers for ebery program; for monitor and for
    printer. Today I received Vista Ultimate (€22) and Office Ultimate (also
    €22). Both 100% legal. Will need some time to consider what to install.
    Dag Korsnes, Jan 28, 2008
  4. His tie is on too tight! Whew!

    Anyway, Why would you really want to go with the new Service Packs? I've
    always pushed them off untill the last moment and when you look back at some
    of the past releases some people complaind that there systems were slower
    after the packs came out. My suggestion... Wait, then look for reviews from
    people with the same system setup.

    And Relax!
    iamnotsunshine, Feb 1, 2008
  5. JJ

    Toan Guest

    Does anyone know if the Vista service pack will let Vista recognise more file
    extensions such as cmx I have several games that will not work due to this
    problem also will it permit older full screen games to play?
    Toan, Feb 5, 2008
  6. A file extension can only be recognized if the proper software to handle
    that file type is installed, so Vista SP1 won't fix this problem.

    Vista support for older games is unlikely to be improved much, if at all.
    Progress is a forward-moving vehicle.
    Richard G. Harper, Feb 5, 2008
  7. JJ

    congoes girl Guest

    Thanks for having the sence to warn people OFF from installing these beta
    versions, Two years ago I was the sort of person who couldn't wait for the
    final build and would install the beta's and ended up with sleepless nights
    and still not learning my lesson in the end having to dispose of a very
    exspensive pc because I had mucked it up with certain beta's.
    THANKS AGAIN for your good sense in warning people that there will be
    consequences!!! that are not for the average user.
    Another word of advice I posted to a news group and was given info which I
    took and it ended up making matters worse, Take all the help that is offered,
    much of which is SPOT ON, expert advice but do be careful, its not alll
    gospal, or some times its just misunderstood, so be careful.
    congoes girl, Feb 10, 2008
  8. JJ

    donnordy Guest

    When re-installing or upgrading your OS the SP and updates will be written
    over with the new OS install. Windows will install all of the needed updates
    that are needed after the install is done and you are connected to the
    internet again.
    donnordy, Feb 14, 2008
  9. JJ

    dlr441 Guest

    May I simply suggest that "beta" should be a red flag, which really means do
    you want to volunteer to be Microsoft's unpaid and unrewarded tester of half
    finished software? :)
    dlr441, Feb 20, 2008
  10. JJ

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> dlr441
    Unpaid, perhaps -- But I've received well over $50,000 worth of software
    as a result of beta testing, although probably only about $4,000 of that
    from Microsoft.

    While I certainly can't say the bugs I reported wouldn't have been fixed
    without me, it is nice to contribute.
    DevilsPGD, Feb 20, 2008
  11. your first link says cannot be found please help
    arizonasteve43, Feb 24, 2008
  12. JJ

    Charlie42 Guest

    The Vista SP1 betas and RCs are no longer available for download, MS has
    released it to manufacturing (RTM). SP1 is planned to be available at
    Windows Update from mid-March.

    Charlie42, Feb 24, 2008
  13. JJ

    AB Guest

    AB reply:

    Both of the downloads JJ mentioned have disappeared. I am only interested
    in installing the proper Vista SP1, please could someone post with a definite
    availability date, cheers.
    AB, Feb 28, 2008
  14. JJ

    Kaycie Guest

    I too am trying to find out a relatively good date. I have a very limited
    window where I can rebuild my Tohsiba laptop (I had to force a downgrade to
    XP to get it to work better - it still didn't solve the issues, and I was
    then forced to buy an external sound card and give up on the DVD writer also).

    I work full-time and am a full-time online student also, so my Spring Break
    during the week of 3/17 is the only really "good" time for me to try this,
    unless I wait until summer (it took a week to get Vista to work the first
    time with my online Spanish class website/java app). I'm getting hints on
    other boards that the SP1 release timing might be good (the pre-release
    versions never would install on my laptop either so they're not a good option
    for me) but I thought I'd go right to the source, so to speak, to try to find
    Kaycie, Mar 3, 2008
  15. JJ

    wheelman Guest

    whay would you want to ad anything to this defective,vista os,havent they
    done enough,to you and me,,selling us this defective os,in the first
    place.they are trying to ad tons of updates..to doctor this big mistake
    up,that they made and sold us.this fat slow,defective os..you want to let
    them ad more misery to your life.it is a every day struggle.to keep what we
    have here working.i want to know.wheres the freaking recall on this crap.car
    mfgs.do it..just give us.free.copies of win xp professional.take back,this
    vista crap..i would throw the disc.away,if they had not robbed me of 240
    dollars.i didnt know about the 45 day refund.thing.

    wheelman, Mar 4, 2008
  16. JJ

    I belt it. Guest

    Is not that what we are doing.

    I belt it., Mar 5, 2008
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