which do you prefer ? XP or Vista?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by GodKiller, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. GodKiller

    MICHAEL Guest

    XP has a long way to go before it is dead.

    Direct OEM and Retail License Availability will not end until
    12 months after Windows Vista General Availability. System Builder
    License will be available for 24 months.

    As far as "Mainstream Support" goes, WinXP Pro
    will probably be supported for several more years.
    I think officially, support for WinXP Home is suppose
    a bit shorter.
    Of course, support of Win98 SE and Windows 2000
    was extended several times.


    Microsoft will offer Mainstream support for either a minimum of 5 years from the date of a
    product's general availability, or for 2 years after the successor product (N+1) is released,
    whichever is longer. Extended support is not offered for Consumer, Hardware, Multimedia, and
    Microsoft Dynamics products. Products that release new versions annually, such as Microsoft
    Money, Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Picture It!, and Microsoft Streets & Trips, will receive a
    minimum of 3 years of Mainstream support from the product's date of availability. Most products
    will also receive at least 8 years of online self-help support. Microsoft Xbox games are
    currently not included in the Support Lifecycle policy.

    MICHAEL, Dec 19, 2006
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  2. GodKiller

    Jelle Guest

    John Barnett MVP schreef:
    is that a P4 2.8? I have a 2.4 p4 and 1.5 gb, which i call midrange, and
    boot time is almost twice as slow on vista thaN Xp, but shutdown is a
    biit better. For the rest i think Xp is a bit faster. So you are saying
    that an upgrade to say Athlon 5000 or E6400 would make it alot faster
    than Xp? Specify alot...
    Jelle, Dec 19, 2006
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  3. GodKiller

    New bie Guest

    New bie, Dec 19, 2006
  4. GodKiller

    paolo besser Guest

    GodKiller ha scritto:

    Easier GUI operations thanks to improved explorer, faster window
    rasterization thanks to Direct3D-based interface, better looking and
    feel thanks to Aero, better reliability, faster VM paging on flash
    memories with ReadyBoost, UAC always alerts me when an application tries
    to change system or precedently-installed files, and new user/kernel
    mode WDDM video drivers improves system stability.

    Every one of the issues above may be easily attacked, but in my humble
    opinion it's only a matter of habits. There are people out there that's
    been doing the same things for years on XP, and now simply does-NOT-want
    to learn new procedures. My first hours with Vista had been something
    like "oh, my God! where is it this feature? and where has this other
    gone?". but after two days I enjoyed new features, menus and toolbars,
    and now I simply can't get back to XP.

    paolo besser, Dec 19, 2006
  5. GodKiller

    Alias Guest

    You're forgetting the outrageous cost probably because you didn't pay
    for your copy. You are also forgetting the hardware upgrade cost. But,
    hey, if you're rich, Vista might be the thing for you.

    Alias, Dec 19, 2006
  6. GodKiller

    Roscoe Guest

    Vista. It's new and shiny.
    Roscoe, Dec 19, 2006
  7. While many will require hardware upgrades, many will not.
    The newest part on my computer is the 1.5 year old video card.
    Vista works very well.

    So maybe Paolo is not forgetting so much as you are assuming.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Dec 19, 2006
  8. GodKiller

    Gary Guest

  9. Both.

    XP for video editing and ripping (until someone markets compatible Vista

    Vista for everything else.



    Richard Urban
    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User
    (For email, remove the obvious from my address)

    Quote from George Ankner:
    If you knew as much as you think you know,
    You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!
    Richard Urban, Dec 19, 2006
  10. GodKiller

    Roscoe Guest

    Actually it's $152 if you round up. And of course, not having any in stock,
    it's very easy to put up a "low" price.
    Roscoe, Dec 19, 2006
  11. GodKiller

    Nina DiBoy Guest

    Makes no sense. It appears to be a generic OEM copy, but I thought
    business was sold only?

    Priceless quotes in m.p.w.vista.general group:

    "Price is actually no factor in piracy..." spoken by
    Mike Brannigan

    "But I'm not insulting people. I'm insulting Linux Loonies..."
    spoken by Mike <>

    "No, I'm not sure. I was just making fun of Chad's typo."
    spoken by Mike <>

    More great quotes here:
    Nina DiBoy, Dec 19, 2006
  12. I prefer the one that runs a particular app the best. I don't have any
    devices that don't run in Vista so I virtualize XP on Vista with VPC2007 and
    drop into XP for a few programs that don't support Vista. After Jan 30
    Vista will be the most current version of Windows so over time my preference
    for Vista or XP will be decided for me by progress in the software offerings
    in the market place.
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 19, 2006
  13. Hi Jelle,

    Yes my machine is a Pentium 4 (2.8Ghz). Not personally testing Vista on
    various machines I can't really comment on whether the upgrade you propose
    would increase speed 'a lot'. I can only go on the machine i am using at
    present and, to me, mid-range or not, Vista is slow. My comments regarding
    Vista being faster on higher spec machines was derived from a test performed
    by another user. Unfortunately, i haven't been able to locate the post he
    made regarding the results of his test.

    John Barnett MVP
    Associate Expert
    Windows Shell/User

    Web: http://xphelpandsupport.mvps.org
    Web: http://vistasupport.mvps.org

    The information in this mail/post is supplied "as is". No warranty of any
    kind, either expressed or implied, is made in relation to the accuracy,
    reliability or content of this mail/post. The Author shall not be liable for
    any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the
    use of, or inability to use, information or opinions expressed in this
    John Barnett MVP, Dec 19, 2006
  14. GodKiller

    Kerry Brown Guest


    I think the third definition suits best but there are some who may think the
    first one is applicable.
    Kerry Brown, Dec 19, 2006
  15. GodKiller

    Robert Moir Guest


    It isn't a total triumph of hype and flashy graphics over stability and
    actually allows me to get stuff done instead of (as Vista did today)
    suddenly decide to let explorer hang for no reason whenever I tried to
    connect to a Windows 2003 file server, when no other computer on the site
    (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, XP, Apple OSX 10.4.8) had a problem with the
    fileshares concerned.
    Robert Moir, Dec 19, 2006
  16. GodKiller

    Brian W Guest

    What have you tried using for video editing? I've got VideoRedo, Cyberlink
    PowerDirector/PowerProducer and Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 all installed. All
    work with no problems.
    Brian W, Dec 19, 2006
  17. GodKiller

    Saucy Guest

    It's as dead as yesterday's news. All the retail computers now have Vista
    capable stickers. XP is out, Vista is the new black. You point to the
    support .. it's just life support .. things have moved on .. Vista is what's
    happening now.
    Saucy, Dec 20, 2006
  18. GodKiller

    Saucy Guest

    The screen I'm looking at is not XP's doing. XP died. Vista is the client
    OS. Let's put it into a formula:

    XP == PAST


    Dead gone, kaput, throw out on the ol' bit heap, dead duck, belly up ..
    Saucy, Dec 20, 2006
  19. GodKiller

    Alias Guest

    You're wrong. I suppose you thought that Windows Me was better than
    Windows 98SE because it was newer. Vista is the Windows Me of NT and
    you're just too gaga on having the "latest and the greatest" to realize it.

    Alias, Dec 20, 2006
  20. GodKiller

    Alias Guest

    Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

    Alias, Dec 20, 2006
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