Which Firewall is best for Vista?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Mike Dymond, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Mike Dymond

    winnifred Guest


    Thanks Bruce for the tips. I will definitely check them out.
    winnifred, Jan 28, 2008
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  2. Mike Dymond

    winnifred Guest


    Thanks robinb!

    Great post as I am definitely a novice.
    winnifred, Jan 28, 2008
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  3. Most commercials happen to be "completely free"...
    You are acting based on feelings instead of facts. Marketing seems to
    be doing a great job.
    yes there is
    absolutely not
    I don't have a favorite. I don't add complexity to my system for no
    good reason. Adding code does nothing to increase security.
    Hardening/fixing what needs to run, on the other hand, does.
    Straight Talk, Jan 28, 2008
  4. Mike Dymond

    Robinb Guest

    you are quite welcome :)
    good luck
    Robinb, Jan 28, 2008
  5. Mike Dymond

    Iain Guest

    Except for periodic OEM BIOS updates.
    Not wise to use S/W firewall concurrently, if H/W router has effective
    and robust firewall functionality.
    Iain, Jan 30, 2008
  6. Mike Dymond

    Mark Guest

    Probably a good point, but I've never had a problem with this line-up.
    Mark, Jan 30, 2008
  7. Mike Dymond

    brian Guest

    i am useing the fire wall thats with "vista" and it seems fine.
    brian, Feb 15, 2008
  8. Mike Dymond

    C.B. Guest


    I have used all the third party firewalls over the past few years, both
    paid and free, including those that come with various security suites. I
    just uninstalled Comodo's free firewall today because of problems it causes
    with downloading Windows Updates and receiving and installing its own
    updates. I am going back to the advanced firewall in Vista and I seriously
    doubt that I will change again.
    I have also used the Windows Firewall included with Vista and I find
    that it is more than adequate, although many people will disagree with me.
    If you desire more functions from the Windows Firewall in Vista you can
    configure the Advanced Windows Firewall to do most of what you wish.
    However, if you are unfamiliar with configuring a firewall I would suggest
    you have a knowledgeable person assist you.

    C.B., Feb 16, 2008
  9. I would second this advice. While I haven't tried "all" 3rd party
    firewalls, I've tried several, and agree that Vista's built-in firewall
    is perfectly adequate for most people. While it's not quite up to the
    ease-of-use standards of Kerio or ZoneAlarm, it has been noticeably
    improved over WinXP's version.

    There are two interfaces for Vistas built-in firewall:

    1) A simplified one accessed through the Control Panel that is the only
    one most people see. To further supplement this view, Sphinx's Vista
    Firewall Control http://sphinx-soft.com/Vista/) is a piece of freeware
    that makes the Vista Firewall much more easily manageable to the average

    2) And the more advanced "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
    (WF.msc), accessed via the Start Menu's Administrative Tools folder, for
    the experienced user who wants more granular control.


    Bruce Chambers

    Help us help you:


    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
    safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~Benjamin Franklin

    Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do. ~Bertrand Russell

    The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has
    killed a great many philosophers.
    ~ Denis Diderot
    Bruce Chambers, Feb 16, 2008
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