Which print queue settings guarantee printing in FIFO order

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by milspecs, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. milspecs

    milspecs Guest

    I am trying to keep my sanity, and yet still be able to print effectively.

    My application must generate output to remote printer in a specific
    sequence. Thankfully, I can control which documents are printed and in what
    order, but have run afoul of the print spooler, which prints them out of

    In order of difficulty: is there a setting that guarantees a document
    printed at 1:00 will print after a document queued at 12:59:59, regardless of
    size or complexity?

    Is there a tool that will print documents (RTF, Word, HTML, MHTML, etc) in
    this way?

    Can you help?

    milspecs, Jul 27, 2005
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  2. They *should* all follow FIFO. AFAIK the print spooler is not capable of
    running the jobs out of order. In the past I've actually had to setup
    seperate (logical) printers, limiting access so that only certain
    users/groups can use them and giving these logical printers a higher priority
    so that they could get their print jobs out quicker.

    Are you certain it is the print server that is sending the jobs out of
    order? You may want to be certain of this prior to further troubleshooting.
    I would verify that it isnt an issue with your printer(s) before spending
    much more time on the server.

    Something else to check is the time the job is submitted vs. the time the
    job finishes spooling. Offhand I think the jobs dont go into the queue until
    they finish spooling so if job "b" finishes spooling before job "a" it would
    get printed first (regardless of whether "a" was submitted first).

    Good Luck,

    Erik Szewczyk [MVP], Jul 28, 2005
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  3. milspecs

    milspecs Guest

    Thank You Erik,

    Yes, while the file is spooling, it is unavailable to be printed. I'm
    hoping to determine a way for the print queue to block printing of documents,
    based on when they are queued, rather than when the finish spooling.

    My application prints a series of documents in a particular sequence to the
    printer. The sequence is all important, because manually collating the
    sequence, after printing is such a laborious process. When several hundred
    packages of letters, reports, and other documents are being produced, the
    actual collating time for these packages can easily be days.

    The solution is to print them in sequence - The problem is that the packages
    vary greatly in composition of documents, and in the complexity of each

    There appears no clean way for me to check when documents complete spooling.

    I am left with the option of altering the spooling/printing process togovern
    which should be sent next.

    Can you suggest a method/workaround/setting that would accomplish this using
    the print queue/spooler?

    Can I define or create my own spooler that will work the way I need it to?

    Do You know of a technical reference I can use to start the search and/or
    development process?


    milspecs, Jul 30, 2005
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