Why am I getting a DNS Update Pending icon in DHCP?

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Moondoggy, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Moondoggy

    Moondoggy Guest

    We are having a problem with DHCP not indicating that DNS is being updated
    when the DHCP client is successfully updating DNS. What we would like is for
    the icon in DHCP to reflect, correrctly, that DNS is being updated.

    Here is what is going on.....

    We have a big flat network in our one of our offices and we currently have a
    Windows 2000 domain controller out there that is running DHCP, DNS and WINS
    and there is 1 DHCP scope defined. A decision has been made to eliminate the
    DC in this office so to keep things local we opted to install DHCP, DNS and
    WINS on a member server that will remain in that office. For a domain
    controller, the office will be reassigned to the site within our Connecticut
    office when the DC is eventually removed.

    We installed DHCP, DNS and WINS on the member server and activated the DHCP
    scope on this box while deactivating the scope (dhcp is still authorized on
    the old DC that has not been removed). Note also that we have gone into the
    Advance Tab in DHCP and have set the credentials for Dynamic DNS registration
    using an ID and PSWD that was created explicitly for use by DHCP to regiter
    DNS entries on behalf of the clients. We then remotely performed a IPCONFIG
    /Release and /Renew on a few clients and they all successfully acquired a
    DHCP address from the member server BUT when you look at the ICONS in DHCP
    they are all indicated that the client is registered in DHCP but that the
    dynamic DNS registration is still pending.

    Now, we have gone into DNS an manually removed the forward and reverse
    lookup records on one of these accounts on the old DC that is still active in
    the office and the two DC's in the Connecticut office and performed the
    IPCONFIG /Release and /Renew on the client and I do see the DNS registrations
    in both the forward and reverse zones on the DC in Maine but the icon for
    this Windows XP workstation in DHCP is still inidicating that the DNS
    registration is still pending.

    When we look at the DHCP logs we are showing the following:

    30,11/07/06,12:55:22,DNS Update Request,,XD102185.my.domain.lan,,
    31,11/07/06,12:55:22,DNS Update Failed,,XD102185.my.domain.lan,-1,

    So, it appears that the registrations ARE, in fact working but DHCP is
    getting a response back that it failed. Also note that we are trying to do
    the same thing in another office with the exact same setup and it too is
    indicating in DHCP that the DNS registrations are failing. Anyone know what
    needs to be done to get DHCP to reflect that the DNS entries have, in fact
    been, made?
    Moondoggy, Nov 7, 2006
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  2. In Moondoggy <> stated, which I commented on
    f updates are failing, the very first thing I would check is if the zone is
    configured to allow updates.

    Since you didn't provide any configuration information concerning IP
    properties of the DHCP server, or what DHCP options the clients are getting,
    just for configuration sakes, I would also absolutely make sure that the
    DHCP Option 006 ONLY shows the internal DNS, as well as all machines
    internally are only using the internal DNS servers in their IP properties.
    It looks like that this is configured properly by the log you provided, but
    it';s something I would always like to make sure with everyone.

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