Why am I suddenly getting the Windows Security Alert

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    I have Vista Home Premium/2GB RAM/Core 2 duo

    I got this security alert today when I booted. When I open Windows Security
    Center it shows the problem that Windows Defender and Spyware Doctor are both
    turned off. That's as it should be and as it has always been. I have
    BitDefender Internet Security 2009 and it shows "No issue affects your

    I used an elevated command to check that WMI and it shows as consistent. So
    why did this alert suddenly start showing up?

    I know I can turn the alerts off, but I'd much rather find out what caused
    this problem and fix it.
    Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009
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  2. Nikilet

    Badger Guest

    Go to security center and double click - change the way security center
    alerts me,
    check the one you want.
    Then reboot to see if it comes up properly.

    Something in your system caused this, or didn't shut down properly.
    Badger, Jun 28, 2009
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  3. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    I did what you suggested, rebooted and I'm still getting the alert.

    The one thing I did before this alert started was yesterday; I installed
    Kodak EasyShare software. Today after starting my computer (when the alert
    came up for the first time) I used Revo Uninstaller to remove this software.
    I don't see what this could have to do with anything but I was informed that
    EasyShare causes all sorts of problems and I thought this might be it. But
    after removal and reboot the alert was still there.
    Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009
  4. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    After posting last, I went to System Restore and restored my computer to a
    time just before I installed the EasyShare. Now I'm still getting the alert
    but this time it's telling me that my antivirus definitions for BitDefender
    are not up to date. I updated BD and it reported there were no updates
    available but the security alert still remains.
    Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009
  5. Nikilet

    Badger Guest

    OK, Nikilet,

    Go to your Start-Run line and type SFC /SCANNOW

    This may take a while since it checks all the system files.

    This will repair or replace any corrupt or missing files.

    Then reboot again.
    Badger, Jun 28, 2009
  6. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    Maybe I'm not understanding. I went to Start, then Run and pasted in the SFC
    /SCANNOW, a black box flashed for a second and then nothing at all happened.
    I'm wondering if I'm supposed to use that cmd box for this?
    Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009
  7. Nikilet

    Badger Guest

    Yes, try it as Run as Administrator.

    Badger, Jun 28, 2009
  8. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    Badger I want to thank you for your patience and help. I had also posted in
    the BitDefender forum and they answered and told me to try going to the
    Advanced view and clicking on Update Now again. I did that, an update was
    downloaded and installed and the Windows Security Alert disappeared. Thing
    is, over the course of our writing back and forth I had already done exactly
    that at least half a dozen times and each time the "check" would actually run
    and tell me no updates were available.

    Anyway, it would appear that things are back to normal. Thanks again for all
    your help!
    Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009
  9. Nikilet

    Spirit Guest

  10. Nikilet

    Badger Guest

    Glad you found the problem, :)

    Badger, Jun 28, 2009
  11. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    Thank you for the links Spirit. Luckily, it appears that I won't have to do
    that scan as so far I'm getting no more security alerts.
    Nikilet, Jun 28, 2009
  12. Nikilet

    Dave T. Guest

    SFC /SCANNOW didn't work for you because it must be run from an elevated
    CMD line, not the run line.

    Dave T.
    Dave T., Jun 29, 2009
  13. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    Badger: I hope you are still checking this thread. Now I've got the security
    alert back again. Any clues?
    Nikilet, Jul 7, 2009
  14. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    Badger: I did the SCF /SCANNOW bit and it saidd "Windows Resource Protection
    did not findy any integrity violations."
    Nikilet, Jul 7, 2009
  15. Nikilet

    Nikilet Guest

    Dave - I did run it from the CMD box and ran as administrator, but I found
    the fix for my problem which I am going to relate under a new post. Maybe it
    will also work for someone else.
    Nikilet, Jul 14, 2009
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