why are there no games available on msn?

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by ste, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. ste

    ste Guest

    This has been happening the past few nights. everytime i log on to play
    solitaire showdown with my friend, it just keeps saying "no games available"

    Does anyone know what the reason is for this??

    And is there any other way that I can play card games like this against my
    friend, on MSN site perhaps??
    ste, Dec 20, 2007
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  2. Greetings ste,

    They should be able to initiate it too, if there's a big problem.

    There's a number of reasons why nothing would be showing up here.

    Firstly, if you've changed your Live ID profile's locale/country, some locales do not have
    any games.

    Secondly, when you connect to the service, Messenger needs to connect to its web
    configuration service to download the game data for your locale. If it wasn't able to
    connect, then no games will appear. As such, a third-party software firewall could be
    blocking this from working too.

    Jonathan Kay
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
    Associate Expert
    Messenger Resources - http://messenger.jonathankay.com
    All posts unless otherwise specified are (c) 2007 Jonathan Kay.
    You *must* contact me for redistribution rights.
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Dec 21, 2007
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  3. ste

    fs_fan Guest

    I also had some problems yesterday playing in WLMessenger, wirh errors such
    as "Critical Error 3".
    After some tries I finally got to play Minesweeper flags.
    I suppose this is just a temporary problem due to server failure or simply
    their maintenance.
    fs_fan, Dec 21, 2007
  4. ste

    ste Guest

    Hi, thanks for replying.. only read this now.. I havent changed anything
    about messenger, its always had Ireland as my country, and i havent changed
    anything about firewall either. And my friend hasnt a clue about computers
    so she never touches anything on her pc, except to play games or whatever..
    Saying that, last night the games were working ok. Does the amount of RAM
    being used on your pc affect msn's abililty to download the games?? Or if
    your wireless connection isnt that strong, does that affect it??
    The other night, when it was saying "no games available", I went onto the
    msngames site for first time ever, and i loaded the solitaire game up from
    there, and we were able to play it then..

    Weird huh!
    ste, Dec 22, 2007
  5. Hi ste,

    Nah, Windows memory management doesn't work like that.

    For the weak wireless signal, if say, packets were being dropped when you signed into
    Messenger (when it tried to get your configuration data), or when you clicked the Games
    button itself, there is a minute possibility but that's rather a rare occurrence.

    Anyway, glad it's working now :)
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Dec 24, 2007
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