Why does contacts want to use hotmail to send mail

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Gezzer, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Gezzer

    Gezzer Guest

    Like many others I'm less then enthused over many of the changes that come
    with Vista. A lot of things seem to take many more steps to do and/or are
    very user UNfriendly. With every other version of windows a user could find a
    way to make the OS work as they wanted, with Vista this doesn't seem to be
    the case.
    If this has been done in the spirt of tighting up security, I understand the
    need. What I don't understand is why users are being forced to do things the
    new MS way even when it doesn't seem to be security related.
    Contacts for example is a prime example. First off I had a pane in OE (under
    the folders pane) with my address book's addresses listed in it. I wanted to
    send a e-mail to some one I clicked on the name, wrote the email and sent it
    using either my ISP's account or hotmail. No big woop, quick and easy. (I was
    also getting my hotmail messages using OE instead of the web based interface,
    something Windows mail can't or won't do) :(
    Now. I have to click on contacts up on the tool bar which opens a brand new
    window. When I click on the contacts name it opens the properties window. I
    have to use another toolbar button or right click on the name then select
    action, then send e-mail. Why so much harder, so many more steps? Even so I
    could learn to live with this behaviour, though I'd rather change it. What
    really gets me is the default account that opens to compose the e-mail is
    hotmail. Why? Is this some effort on MS's part to eventually have us all
    using "web based" programs?
    Well I want to use Windows Mail to send to my contacts. Why? Because I don't
    use hotmail as much as a e-mail client as I do as a proxy e-mail client.
    Don't understand what I mean? Easy the only people that get my ISP address
    are people I trust with it, and want to exchange messages with them through
    the OS based client only. My hotmail account is for those I don't trust, and
    I want to communicate with them through hotmail only. This method is my
    primary method of e-mail filtering and with this method my OS based mail
    client has little to no SPAM coming to it.
    So simply change the default e-mail client for contacts you say?
    My question to you then is HOW?!?
    There is nothing in any of the option/properties menus for either WM or
    Contacts. If the default e-mail client for contacts can be changed the
    setting is in some totally stupid location that only a MS windows programmer
    would think to look.
    That in the end is the reason so many people are frustrated with Vista. I
    use windows instead of Linux because Windows is (well used to be) EASY TO SET
    Looks like I might as well start learning how to use the Linux command line
    now, I'm pretty sure it won't take me all that much longer to learn then all
    the new user "enhancements" that Vista offers will take.
    Gezzer, Jun 18, 2007
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  2. Comments inline.

    Windows Mail can't, but Windows Live Mail can. Choose whichever one you need.
    What MS expects you to do: Click Create Mail. Compose the body. Click on 'To'.
    Select recipient. Send. (Not that hard a sequence)
    The first mail account you create becomes the default, until you change it.
    How hard is: Tools, Accounts, select account, click "Set as Default".
    Good luck with that Linux stuff. You'll find the learning curve a lot steeper
    than anything in Vista.

    Gary VanderMolen
    Gary VanderMolen, Jun 18, 2007
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