why does my cursor jump all over when I am typing

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by petro, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. petro

    petro Guest

    i can be typing along and all of a sudden a new window pops up or my cursor
    jumps to another spot in the page. Basically it jumps to wherever I have
    left the cursor. So frustrating!!!!!
    petro, Jan 3, 2008
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  2. petro

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Do you have a laptop with a touchpad below the keyboard? See if you can
    change the sensitivity of the touchpad.
    Kerry Brown, Jan 4, 2008
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  3. i can be typing along and all of a sudden a new window pops up or my
    I agree with Kerry - this is typical touchpad behaviour. It happens to me
    all the time when I'm typing on my laptop.

    Steve Thackery, Jan 5, 2008
  4. petro

    RichC593 Guest

    I have the very same problem. As soon as I begin typing the cursor jumps
    down and to left then begins roaming around the screen. It does this with
    just the touch pad or even when I have a mouse attached. I have a Dell
    Inspiron 8600 and the BIOS has a setting to disable the touch pad when a
    mouse is attached but it since installing Vista the touch pad no loner gets
    disabled. I have been using Vista for three months without any problem but,
    the last week the problem began slowly and has reached the point that
    working in Word is very difficult. Hopefully, MS will come up with fix soon
    since no one in these groups or other groups on the net seem to have any fix
    for this specific problem. There are some fixes for other situations
    causing erratic mouse movement but, none related to typing. I am wondering
    if it may be related to keyboard drivers?

    RichC593, Jan 5, 2008
  5. petro

    Kerry Brown Guest

    If your touchpad is Synaptics then you can disable it in the Synaptics
    Kerry Brown, Jan 5, 2008
  6. petro

    mel Guest

    I am also having this problem, it's like the cursor has a mind of its own. I
    am pulling my hair out. I can't even type a whole sentence without problems.
    Is there anything we can do? I am almost at the point of throwing my computer
    in the yard and running it over.
    mel, Jan 5, 2008
  7. petro

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Use an external mouse and disable the touchpad.
    Kerry Brown, Jan 5, 2008
  8. petro

    RichC593 Guest

    Thanks, that solved my problem. I don't have Synaptics however, I was able
    to disable the touchpad in the BIOS.

    RichC593, Jan 5, 2008
  9. petro

    Corgimom Guest

    I have the same problem on a brand new laptop with Vista. It is not
    convenient for me to use an external mouse. So is disabling the touchpad the
    only answer?
    Corgimom, Jan 31, 2008
  10. petro

    LadyFlame Guest

    We've been having the same problem with both my mum's laptop and our ordinary
    desktop computer. Is there a way to fix it on a desktop machine? Also, how
    do you go about disabling the touchpad on an Acer laptop?
    LadyFlame, Feb 10, 2008
  11. petro

    Kerry Brown Guest

    On my Acer there's an option to disable the touchpad on the Synaptic tab in
    the Mouse applet in the Control Panel.
    Kerry Brown, Feb 10, 2008
  12. petro

    CEILIMAN Guest

    hi i am new at this I have the same problem,I am surprised that
    have got this far without the cursor jumping back or up and down,what i
    the cure,I spoke too soon,it done it again I had to retype Anto
    CEILIMAN, Dec 2, 2008
  13. petro

    LVTravel Guest

    Laptop? If so set the sensitivity of the touchpad. If you also use an
    external mouse with a laptop some systems will allow you to turn off the
    touchpad while the USB mouse is connected.
    LVTravel, Dec 2, 2008
  14. petro

    Lee Stone Guest

    No idea if this is relevant but my laptop does this when my mobile phone is
    to close by

    Lee Stone, Dec 2, 2008
  15. petro

    CEILIMAN Guest

    Sorry for not replying soonerI do have a phone close by but it has never
    given a problem.this has only happened over the last few months,once
    again thank you for taking an interest,Anton:cry:
    CEILIMAN, Dec 7, 2008
  16. petro

    nixonmark3 Guest

    I recently ran into this problem on my Dell Latitude D820. The proble
    appeared after I had been using Vista for several months so I'm not sur
    what caused it. However, the symtom as described above, was that when
    placed focus on a window the cursor would jump around making all kind
    of selections in VS2008, screwing up my Word documents, randomly doin
    things to my mail system, and making all kinds of selections in m
    browser. At first I thought I had a virus. After searching for m
    symptoms I ran into this thread and the discussion on the touchpad clue
    me into what was happening.

    The fix was to download the latest touchpad driver from Dell, install
    and reboot.

    I recommend disabling your touchpad and running with a USB mous
    (obviosuly if you are traveling this won't be practical). If for som
    reason you don't have a touchpad showing up in your system tray the
    this is another indication that your system is not properly set up
    nixonmark3, Jan 19, 2009
  17. petro

    KWMN Guest

    Hi, I've been having the same problem and it makes me completely crazy
    but I think I may have found one reason why this can happen and a fi
    for it (not perfect but better than nothing!) I think this is relate
    to the fact that Vista is set up so that if the mouse pointer is in
    particular spot, the cursor will jump to that spot, automatically
    without your having to click the mouse.

    Also, if the mouse pointer happens to be pointing to a hyperlink or
    command (such as anything on the QuickLaunch bar), Vista will OPE
    whatever link or program is being pointed at.

    This problem is further complicated, in Word, by the fact that most o
    us set up the pointer to "disappear" when we are typing text... and yet
    it's still "there" someplace on the page (as you can see if you mov

    SO what I think is happening, is that the cursor just jumps to whereve
    the mouse pointer is located, if you pause a bit in typing... and, whe
    that happens, your typing is inserted at the point where the mous
    pointer is located.

    However, happily, there is a really good description in the Tutorial
    about how to change how long the mouse must hover over a particula
    link, before vista opens that popup. So, it is possible to slow dow
    that process, which helped me a lot.

    Also, I've found that if I position the mouse pointer carefully off t
    one side of my page, before I start typing, it doesn't "steal" m

    - Kare
    KWMN, Jan 30, 2009
  18. petro

    pokeyman Guest

    Just re-install the driver, since u still have use kb then , then use kb

    pokeyman, Feb 1, 2009
  19. petro

    jinks Guest

    I had the same problem on my Dell Inspiron 1525. I downloaded th
    driver at Synaptics and was finally able to have the option to disabl
    the touchpad. I was pulling my hair out because it was so frustratin
    with the cursor jumping around. Here is where I go the driver
    'Drivers | Synaptics' (http://www.synaptics.com/support/drivers
    jinks, Feb 4, 2009
  20. petro

    echoroc Guest

    I have this problem, which JUST started, on my 2 week old HP. It wa
    fine until a few days ago. I tried turning of 'tap' while typing, whic
    doesn't help.

    I can't use an external mouse -- what's the point of having a laptop i
    you have to use a peripheral?
    echoroc, Mar 19, 2009
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