Why does Windows Media Player Convert MP3 Files

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Gandalf252002, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    This is my first post to this group, because this is the first time I
    have experienced any problems. I recently bought a SanDisk 1GB MP3
    player for my girlfriend. I love the way it Syncs with Window Media
    Player so I decided to use Windows Media player to start synchronizing
    with my SD card.

    Here's the problem, for whatever reason when syncing it automatically
    wants to convert some of my MP3's to WMA files. I haven't been able
    to determine why or when this happens. Some of them transfer directly
    as MP3 files. The problem is that when WMP converts them, they do not
    play correctly on my Audiovox 6600 (all in one phone, PDA and MP3

    Just a note, that I can transfer the same albums directly to the card
    in MP3 format without converting them and they play just fine. Is
    there any way I can stop this from happening? I would hate having to
    go back to the old way of manually copying them via my card reader and

    Tom Westlake
    Gandalf252002, Jan 10, 2007
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