Why does WLM Desktop Calendar have less features than online versi

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by MyCsPiTTa, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. MyCsPiTTa

    MyCsPiTTa Guest

    Now I see that the WLM Calendar error might be close to a fix I'm looking
    forward to getting back to using it!

    But a less pressing question is; well, like my topic says.... I'm sure I
    will find other differences but two that come to mind are:

    1) The online verson lets you click "show more" so that if you have tonnes
    of events in one day, it simply expands the day boxes so all events are can
    be seen. On WLM Desktop Calendar all it does is change the whole month to
    week view - totally not helpful.
    2) Why no charms in the Desktop version? They are actually really useful
    (though there needs to be WAY more selectio, or at least more appropriate
    icon choices).

    It just seems the client vereion is less pretty overall really.
    MyCsPiTTa, Mar 4, 2009
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  2. MyCsPiTTa

    David [MSFT] Guest

    We may have devoted more resources to the web team in Wave 3. I'm not
    entirely certain, however.

    In any case, we built as many calendar features as we could given the
    resources we had last year. If we'd had more time, we would have done more.
    We're currently deciding which features to build for the next version now.
    Personally, I'd like to see invitations on the list, but nothing's been
    finalized yet. Of course, when the features are decided, I won't be able to
    share them. :)

    Thanks for using Windows Live Mail!

    David [MSFT]
    David [MSFT], Mar 4, 2009
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  3. Of course, when the features are decided, I won't be able to share them.
    Ay, there's the rub.
    Lux et Veritas et Libertas
    Vires et Honor

    D. Spencer Hines, Mar 4, 2009
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