Why does WMDC on Windows 7 not sync automatically?

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Michael Moser, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. ActiveSync (on Windows XP) used to start the synchronization with my WM
    device automatically right after hooking up the device to the USB
    connection. I had to plug in the USB plug (or put the device into the
    cradle) and - a few seconds later - synchronization would start.

    The Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows 7 doesn't start the
    synchronization automatically. I always first have to manually open the WMDC
    window and only then the sync starts. And sometimes not even then but I have
    to click the green sync icon in the lower left to start the sync process.
    And that's even though the dialog says "Connected" and displays a green
    check-mark, but no sync taking place automatically!

    I *do* have a "Sync Center" Icon sitting in the task bar. But that icon only
    occasionally starts rotating when I connect my WM device. Why is that so?
    And how do I get this "back to normal"? I want this thing to sync again the
    moment I connect the device. Everything else is useless (and tedious)!

    Michael Moser, Apr 16, 2010
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  2. Michael Moser

    Sven Guest

    The sync concept didn't change with WMDC it changed around AS 4.0. There
    used to be a 'continuous' sync, with a 'monitor' that detected when anything
    changed on either the device or the PC, and sinked (sank, sunk?) that right
    away. With AS 4.0 They went to a sync every 5 min whether you need it or not
    concept. Personally, I hated (hate) that change, but it is what it is. I
    don't think you really have to do anything to get the sync going, it just
    doesn't always happen right away when you connect. If you here the initial
    USB sound followed by the connect sound, it is actually connected and will
    start syncing fairly shortly. You can see it happening on the device screen
    at the top. The rotating arrows animate, and if you are doing something on
    the device at the time, it slows to a crawl. Try just connecting and see if
    it doesn't actually sync without you doing anything. Add a calendar entry on
    the device for instance and see if that doesn't wind up on the PC after
    about 5 min. I note to that if I hook up and then open WMDC later, it
    appears as if it is having to connect, when it is actually already
    connected. You should also notice a little blue dot on the Sync Center icon
    when it syncs, and it may rotate.
    Sven, Apr 17, 2010
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  3. You seem to be right. I noticed, that occasionally the task bar icon starts
    "rotating" but couldn't figure out, why and when it would start. And
    usually, when it didn't start within some (at least to me) reasonable time
    after I had connected the device I would open WDMC and it then always told
    me "Connecting" as if only starting it up had just triggered that connection

    Michael Moser, Apr 19, 2010
  4. Michael Moser

    Sven Guest

    Well good. I've gotten used to it. Hopefully yours is working as it should,
    even if it doesn't give you the warm fuzzy that it is actually working.
    Sven, Apr 21, 2010
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