Why has Mark Conrad gone silent? Could it be he is afraid to take the speed dictation test ;-)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by andy t, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. andy t

    andy t Guest

    "Mark Conrad" a troll on the run who tries to promote his wares in this news
    group because it is a sales agent for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

    It seems to have gone very quiet in this thread. The conceited, lying,
    boastful, illiterate cretin Mark Conrad has not shown himself since I
    challenged him to the speed/dictation-typing test.

    Anybody can go on this website and test their speed in either typing or
    speech recognition. I went on it and my name is by the tests I did so you
    can see it is I as I signed it 'andy t'. All you have to do is scroll down
    to see I had a few goes.

    The best I did was 154 words per minute. This was using Dragon Pro. The
    other two tests at 149 words per minute I used Windows speech recognition.
    You can scroll down and see this quite easily on the website.

    Mark Conrad on the other hand professes to be able to dictate 300 odd words
    per minute, which of course is complete bullshit. He is afraid to take the
    test and put his name by it because he has been found out and bullshitting
    all along proving once and for all what a FAKE and LIAR he is!

    Now EVERYONE can see what a FAKE and LIAR you really are because you are
    afraid to take the test and prove your 300 words per minute to everyone on
    the web ;-). He has been saying for the last two years that he can dictate
    that fast and now we all know once and for all that he is talking BULLSHIT
    as he always does.

    He is actually the biggest 'Bullshitting Troll' in this news group and I see
    he has started another thread of his own because it is obvious he has backed
    out of this one because he is afraid to take the dictation speed test.

    Here is the link Mark. http://www.now1technologies.com/typetest

    We are all waiting??? We all want to see these 300 words per minute that
    you can dictate? And do not forget to put in your name beforehand so we all
    know it's you as I did with mine ;-).

    andy t
    andy t, Feb 14, 2010
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