Why I uninstalled IE7 beta2 preview

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by JRosenfeld, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. JRosenfeld

    JRosenfeld Guest

    I installed IE7 beta 2 preview without problems. I like its interface and new
    features, tabbed browsing, feed reader; also found out how to add my own
    search engines. A nice browser. Of course there is room for improvement. I
    use Slimbrowser and it has three features that IE7 should have: ability to
    assign name to a tab for a given site (this makes it easier to identify which
    tab a site is on, the name does not change as you move from page to page
    within the site); open new tab next to currently open tab; reorder tabs.

    So no problems with the browser as such. However I uninstalled it after a
    week for the following reasons:

    1. Help and Support Centre problems (most probably a bug)

    IE 7 killed Help and Support Centre's ability to communicate with MS
    knowledge base when using search within Help and Support. Also several of the
    internal links within Help and Support were broken. Functionality returned on
    uninstall of IE7.

    2. Cookies, temporary internet files and index.dat problems (maybe a bug or
    maybe by design, or a bit of both)

    I found that the cookies folder for my user account (admin rights, only user
    account) no longer contained the cookies as .txt files. Instead the cookies
    folder had the same contents as the Temporary Internet Files folder.
    Furthermore, the same contents also appeared in the Cookies and Content.IE5
    folders of C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService and C:\Documents and

    The index.dat file that resides in \username\Temporary Internet
    Files\Content.IE5 folder became super hidden. Although one cannot normally
    see the Content.IE5 folder of one's own account in Windows Explorer, it is
    visible from disk cleanup applet (highlight temporary internet files, click
    view files). With IE6 the Index.dat file was visible there and I could see
    how large it had grown. I occasionally used CCleaner or Index.dat suite to
    clear it back to its virgin 32KB on next restart. With IE7 it was not
    visible. Both CCleaner and Index.dat suite could still find it and clear it,
    but now that also deleted all saved cookies. I save autologin cookies for
    several boards such as this one, and having to log in all over again after
    clearing index.dat is too much of a chore. Normal behaviour returned on
    unistall of IE7.

    The uninstall through add/remove went flawlessly. I hope the next release
    clears the above, I would certainly like to try it again.

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    JRosenfeld, Feb 19, 2006
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