Why will IE7 not allow toolbar wallpaper like IE6 did

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Martin C, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    This really is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but is still a
    bit annoying anyway.

    With IE6, I used to have IE Wallpaper installed as a browser helper which
    allowed specially formatted pictures to be used as wallpaper for the
    toolbars. I do not mean the mallware infested hotbar but the IE5 Toolbar
    Wallpaper of

    I know that it says that the download is for IE 5.x only, but it worked fine
    on IE6 with never a problem.

    Whenever I try to apply an existing wallpaper that I used to use (it is
    still present in the file menu of IE7), it says that it has applied it and
    needs to restart IE to take affect, but it never appears.

    Does any kind soul know why this is and if there is anything I can do about

    Martin C, Nov 2, 2006
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  2. Martin C

    rocky Guest

    Yes, I had a blue toobar wallpaper to make IE6 fit in with the Windows XP
    Luna theme, but it stopped working when I upgraded to IE7. Unfortunately, I
    think we're going to have to say goodbye to toolbar wallpapers, since IE7
    uses Aero glass behind the navigation bar, which is why right-clicking on the
    navigation bar displays the same right-click menu as the title bar. I don't
    think Microsoft would let you replace a glass area with your own wallpaper,
    although they could prove me wrong.
    rocky, Nov 3, 2006
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  3. Martin C

    C. Moya Guest

    One giant leap backwards for computing kind.
    I too use a wallpaper... have for years and years. I just like it. As for
    Vista... well, that's all fine and dandy but that doesn't mean IE7 on
    WINDOWSXP can't allow it. Just one more idiotic move by the IE team.
    C. Moya, Nov 3, 2006
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