Why won't WMC/WMP acknowledge my media files?!

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Chili, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Chili

    Chili Guest


    I have a rather annoying problem that has been bugging me for well over a
    year. I have a music collection of about 13ish GB comprised of mp3 and wma
    files. However, I have a major problem when scanning for these files using
    Windows Media applications. Windows Media Players 10 and 11 pick up some of
    the files (a few hundred) as does Windows Media Connect 2.0. However,
    neither pick up ALL of the files (there is at least a few thousand).
    Strangely enough, every time I scan for files it is always the same files
    that are added to the library (or 'shared' if using WMC) and it is always the
    same files that are left off. The only way in which I can add these missing
    files is by going directly into their subfolder (c:\music\artist name\album
    name) and telling Windows Media Player/Connect to specifically search that.
    If I do this, then the files come up.

    Similarly, if I transfer all the files to another computer the problem still
    exists. It also exists after several re installs of Windows and its various
    media programs. The problem then, I think, is most likely within the file
    itself but what could it possibly be? Is it tagged wrong (funnily enough, the
    bulk of the files that don't come up are .wma that I've ripped using Windows
    Media Player)?

    This problem has driven me mad as every time I want to go through a new
    format, I need to re add my files in a long process. Also, as Windows Media
    Connect also has a problem with this I have had major issues with using my
    Xbox 360 as a media reciever. Anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this

    Thanks for all your help in advance,

    Chili, Jun 16, 2006
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