Why would a scheduled task stop working?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by childofthe1980s, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Ahh... but a bit of sarcasm helps the work pass quicker ;-)

    Ok, so now we know you have three jobs (new information). That log
    shows that some are running and ending sucessfully (not new), and that
    some arent on other runs.

    Can I assume that the ones that complete OK, are jobs that you manually

    If thats the case, then as I tried to point out, the environment that
    you run when you manually start a scheduled task, can be slightly
    different to that that the scheduled task process runs the job itself
    (even with Logon As rights set). This can be caused by logon scripts,
    GPOs etc that get applied on a login, but not by a scheduled task.

    So, then you need to go back to finding out more about that environment
    that its running in as a scheduled job. The only way you can do that is
    to log information from the job, AS it runs. So I'd suggest you put the
    logging that myself and others have suggested into the .cmd script,
    let it run by itself and see where in the cmd file it gets to, or what
    the environment is between a manual run and an automatic run.
    Adrian Marsh (NNTP), Aug 11, 2009
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