Why would netlogon die when i dcpromo a 2003 server?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by charles kuchar, May 25, 2005.

  1. Yesterday i promoted a 2003 server to replace a 2000 server but today i am
    getting logon fails because other servers are not getting valid logons on a
    reboot. This might have something to do with my internet failing for the
    school and i can't even get to newsgroups. I do have this port out on one
    computer thankfully. i removed the Directory Controller from the server i
    added it onto yesterday. I am getting ready to reboot the 2000 controller
    to see if logon is now enabled but the whole process is confusing when there
    is not very much information in the event viewers. charlie
    charles kuchar, May 25, 2005
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  2. Hello,

    Thank you posting here.

    I would like to confirm the issue to see if I have understood it correctly:
    You have promoted Win2k server to Win2k3 server. After promoting, you get
    logon fails because other servers are not getting valid logons on a reboot.

    Based on your current description, this issue may be caused by many
    factors, probably it is a DNS issue. Troubleshooting this kind of issue
    could be complex and time-consuming. Your time and patience are greatly
    appreciated! Therefore, please take your time and patience in helping me
    clarify the following things on this issue so that we can perform further
    research on this issue:

    1. Do you mean you cannot logon to the DC? Input username and password,
    choose domain to logon, error? You got logon fails because other servers
    are not getting valid logons on a reboot. Could you help me collect the
    exact error message of the detailed error information related this?

    2. You said you promoted a 2003 server to replace a 2000 server. I want to
    know that how you perform this process. Did you perform an in place
    upgrade on Win 2000 Server to win2k3 or you have promoted a member win2k3
    server to be a DC? Have you run adprep/forest and adprep/domain before
    3. How many subnets and sites in the domain?
    4. Have you installed Ad-integrated DNS on the original win2k server? have
    you also installed AD-intergradd DNS on the newly promoted win2k3 server?
    How is the clients DNS configured, does the client point to the original
    win2k DNS server or win2k3 DNS server?

    It seems you have demoted the win2k3 DC, therefore, win2k3 now is a member
    server instead of DC. Therefore, I suggest you accurately perform the
    upgrade steps as following:

    As a kind reminder, please backup the whole system before you take any
    action. Also, it is best if you perform the upgrade process during a
    non-business time such as the weekend. :)

    Performing a "not in place" upgrade:

    1. Run Adprep /forestprep, Adprep /domainprep on win2k DC.

    How to use the adprep command at the command line


    2. Install win2k3 on your new machine and join it to the win2k domain.

    3. Promote win2k3 to be an additional DC. This process will replicate
    user/computer accounts from 2k to 2k3.

    4. If DNS service is running on the win2k server, please do not install
    AD-integrated DNS on 2k3 server. Can you successfully logon to the domain?

    The following are some helpful documents for upgrading from Windows 2000 to
    Windows Server 2003:

    325379 How to Upgrade Windows 2000 Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2003

    Upgrading from Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003

    If the issue persists, please restart the DNS server or restart the Net
    logon service to see if it is helpful. If restart the server does not help,
    please collect the info as I have mentioned at the begging to isolate this

    Please take your time to perform the above suggestions.

    Any update, let us get in touch!

    Thanks & Regards

    Amanda Wang [MSFT]

    Microsoft Online Partner Support

    Get Secure! - www.microsoft.com/security


    When responding to posts, please "Reply to Group" via your newsreader so
    that others may learn and benefit from your issue.


    Amanda Wang [MSFT], May 26, 2005
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  3. Appreciate your response. Had a problem with the ISA server and had to
    demote the W2k3 server from a DC. The W2k3 server was not an upgrade from
    W2k. It was an original install. Will be back at work next week to try to
    promote the server to a DC again. This week has been busy enough... Thank
    you. charlie

    charles kuchar, May 27, 2005
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