Win 2k3 Web Edition in front of Win 2k server - Advice please

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Michael, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    I would be grateful for any opinions on the merits or otherwise of taking up
    the proposal listed below. I have my opinions but I do not have enough
    technical knowledge to argue for or against.

    We currently run two small windows 2k servers each with it’s own UPS,
    exchange 2k for our SMTP e-mail, all sat behind a Watchguard Firebox and we
    use ADSL.

    Someone’s ‘friend’ has quoted to provide a “Windows 2k3 Web edition based
    server with 200GB IDE hard disk drive, 256Mb RAM, CDRW IDE drive (used for
    backup purposes), floppy disk drive, keyboard, mouse and Windows 2003 Web
    Edition operating system.â€

    The proposal is to keep our two w2k servers and junk our E2K SMTP e-mail in
    favour of something called NetNow v7.0, which apparently is internet and
    e-mail access software, I’m thinking a mixture of SMTP and POP3.

    Apparently this will “allow full internet access at each workstation,
    internal and email facilities to each workstation, all emails are scanned for
    viruses using AVG and the self learning (Bayesian) anti-spam facility will
    reduce the amount of rubbish emails you are currently receiving.â€

    Also, “…will not need the watchguard firewall as the system has it’s own
    built in software version in NetNow, this together with Norton Personal
    Firewall stops any unwanted intrusions into the server…â€

    I will gladly post more information if it is needed and even carry on via
    private e-mail.


    Michael Vicar
    Michael, Aug 13, 2004
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