win media play 11 sttutters or is really slow to buffer streaming

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Dasplatman, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Dasplatman

    Dasplatman Guest

    Hi folks I am hoping there is a clever sould amongst you that can help me
    with this issue. I had windows media player 11...and for months and months
    it would play streaming content with no issues, there was no long time in
    buffering... and there was no hanging for minutes on end like I am gettimng
    now.... I have checked with the company who I purchased streaming content
    thru and it isnt there end....I can use another player ona differetn site
    with no issues same with flash players.... but these guys only offer it in
    windows....What I am wondering is what I can do to fix this...I rolled back
    to ten....and I still have this isnt my connection as I am on a
    high speed extreme cable connection and and yes thye do throttle major
    torrent d/l ers... but I am not one of them.... any help or ideas you can
    suggest would be greatly appreciated folks....I did try reverting back to wmp
    10..... but I have the same results...any suggestions folks...all serious
    thoughts greatly appreciated cause this is making me
    thanks people for uour input in advance
    Dasplatman, Feb 17, 2010
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  2. Dasplatman

    Dasplatman Guest

    Hello Neil, thanks for offering your suggestions to me here on my query....I
    have tried what you suggested but still am having the same issues , I did try
    and uninstall and roll back to WMP 10 and try and see how it played with the
    same results, son I went back to WMP11 again and alas I am still seeing the
    same issue, is it possible something in an update could have effected this? I
    only say that because WMP player had worked fine on my comp for quite some
    time, So I am a little bit baffled as to why I am getting this the last
    while. I havent made any changes to my computer other than regular maitenance
    ( ie: disk clean - up, disk defragmentaion ) other than that no real
    changes... if you have any other suggestions I would be glad to hear
    them....Thanks Kevin
    Dasplatman, Mar 4, 2010
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