Win Mess 4.7 Vs MSN Mess 6.1

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Rijj, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Rijj

    Rijj Guest

    i have xp pro with all the critical updates. I use win
    messenger 4.7 for instant messenging and it is fine.
    My wife wanted MSN messenger 6 [one big reason is the
    tiny size of the video screen when conferencing].

    i installed MSN 6.1 and on her user i disabled auto-log-
    on for win messenger and also the log in with outlook
    On my own user profile i want to keep win messenger as i
    use OE for emailing and like the feature to see
    online .net contacts in the address pane.

    HOWEVER i have found that despite disabling the MSN auto-
    startup in my own profile and keeping win messenger set
    to auto start, i have lost the win messenger taskbar icon.
    It seems to "run" okay but unless i physically select it
    from the start-up menu i cannot see the taskbar icon in
    the connected or diabled state.

    if i disable MSN then i get the icon back.

    How can i get both to run in harmony so that i can have
    my win messenger taskbar icon back?
    Rijj, Nov 9, 2003
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