Win XP Home updates.....WTF, I did the updates as asked, then

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by JB, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. JB

    JB Guest

    I lose my audio when windows starts and exits now, but have the other audios.
    I have tried just about everything that I know how to correct this. But I
    have not yet deleted certin windows updats to see if te corrects theproblem.
    What's with MS that they would have this happen. I have a Diamond sound Card
    and did try the new driver go on that
    JB, Mar 8, 2009
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  2. So remove the 'certain windows updates' you infer you know about and come
    back after you have done this to let everyone know if it worked out for
    you - as well as a list (by KB######) of the updates you thought might be to
    blame - either way.
    Shenan Stanley, Mar 8, 2009
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  3. JB

    JB Guest


    When I choose a KB# to delete or remove .... alittle window pops up and says
    that the removeal of thisone update will effect a few others or even mote
    whenI look at a few other KB#'s.
    So, my question is....still go ahead and delete theone KB and see what

    Along time ago, I was having trouble on another computer when a tech told me
    to delete all up dates, load the program becuase the updates came be
    downloaded again

    JB, Mar 8, 2009
  4. It should be fine for you to remove said updates - as long as you have
    decent backups and make a note of the KB###### you remove and what it says
    it might effect.
    Shenan Stanley, Mar 8, 2009
  5. JB

    JB Guest

    OMG Stan.....I'll do with oiut the start up and exit sound. No BS, in Dec I
    entertained some sort of virus and have reloaded the puter 4 times since
    Xmas. Again just 2 days ago....although I was hell bent on not doing any
    updats....I still wanted IE7, so in the process of downloading IE7....just
    like MS and they must "ear mark" other updates to follow the download. SO
    that is why I am here ... now. But I am not going to write down and try to
    back up the updates.....I see that being another reload and ral PITA. But I
    do thank you for your input. I thought this forum would have MS looking
    itover and they can find the problem...becuase obviously that must happen to
    others ....maybe on too small of a percentage
    Have a great day...............I will keep my eyes and ears open for anyting
    on this. My other thought would be to use a Vista driver....if there is such
    a thing
    JB, Mar 8, 2009
  6. JB

    honda.c70 Guest

    honda.c70, Mar 8, 2009
  7. JB

    JB Guest

    I will hold off until I hear back from Diamond Multi Media... I emailed them
    this AM...I will until I hear what they have to say. I would think I am not
    the only one with a Diamond XS 5.1 sound card
    JB, Mar 8, 2009
  8. You gave the possibility of removing "cert[a]in windows updat[e]s", yet you
    don't list these certain Windows Updates you have in mind?

    You said, "But I have not yet deleted certin windows updats to see if te
    corrects theproblem." which implied that you knew of "cert[a]in windows
    updat[e]s" and had just not acted on this knowledge - so I suggested you
    remove them. Still do. When I say "decent backups" - I mean of your system
    (which you have now made obvious you likely do not - or you would not have
    had to rebuild your system from scratch at all in most cases - much less
    four times) - not of the KB######'s. Also, I think writing down the list of
    "cert[a]in windows updat[e]s" before removing them and writing down the
    short list of things those "cert[a]in windows updat[e]s" warn you about
    would be less trouble than what you claim to have gone through already.

    Just remove them, ignore the warning - if you even have an idea of
    "cert[a]in windows updat[e]s" at this time, that is. In my many years doing
    this and ignoring that warning - the worst thing that happened is I had to
    install IE7 over again. You could uninstall IE7 if you want, then most of
    the warnings will likely go away (but not all - I am sure.)

    If you have reloaded the computer four times since Christmas and it was
    working before you reloaded it - but not now - I would think you have done
    something wrong. Make sure you have **all** the latest drivers for every
    hardware device straight from the manufacturer - not from Microsoft (unless
    one of the pieces of hardware is manufacturered by Microsoft.) This
    includes the motherboard chipset, audio, video and network...

    Also - you could give the list of updates you believe to be the problem
    before you even think about doing it - and I am sure others can comment on
    their effect on your current situation, etc.

    However - now I think I am understanding that you have sound after Windows
    actually starts (you can play MP3s, listen to sounds from the Internet, view
    videos from where ever and they have sounds, etc...) - I cannot see why this
    is a bother (really - those are sounds I usually turn off first thing - I
    don't turn off/on a computer enough to care - and most of the other Windows
    sounds have no purpose i see other than annoying me.

    If you really feel these sounds are necessary...

    Try those solutions!

    Good Luck!
    Shenan Stanley, Mar 8, 2009
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