win2003 server sp1 doesn't print in Fifo order

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Didier, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Didier

    Didier Guest

    If you pause a printqueue more than one day and print everyday at the
    day almost at the same time, the spools will not be printed
    with respect to the submitted time (and priority). They all have the
    have the same priority i.e. 1.
    The spools look like mixed in the queue ... sample
    10:00:05 02/10
    10:00:06 02/09
    10:00:08 02/10


    This is very unsatisfying if you mix invoices and invoices copie
    copies from various customers that are premarked for an
    automatic enveloppe feeder.

    the very solution I found was to pause all spools and print
    on a second queue. You have to resume the oldest spools
    with respect to the submission time and a
    wait of say a couple of seconds.
    Unfortunately it is also very sloooooow.

    It reaches sometime 20 s or more to submit
    on the second queue a file of 5k.

    I already installed the patch slow printing on large print ser
    server (especially with cluster).

    Any tip or even experience will be greatly apreciated.

    THis never occured on the previous NT4 Print server...


    Didier, Feb 23, 2006
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