Win2k Server Event ID 1265, NTDS KCC

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Joel, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Joel

    Joel Guest

    We have 2 win2k servers and domain living at a customer site. Our domain is
    a child domain of the customer's parent MS domain. I'm noticing lots of (I
    think 3 messages every 15 minutes) Event IDs 1265 with a source of NTDS KCC.
    The error reads (partially):

    The attempt to establish a replication link with parameter partition:
    CN=etc.etc, (I think this references the parent domain) etc.
    failed with the following status. Could not find the domain controller for
    this domain. The record data is the status code. This operation will be

    The one thing I've tried and noticed so far is in the properties of the
    forward lookup zone (in DNS) of our child domain is to change the "Allow
    Dynamic Updates" from Only Secure Updates to simply "Yes." Once I got the
    DNS Service started again (and this involved some panic as it didn't occur
    easily), I notice a few Event 1272s now. This event goes something like:
    No ntDSConnection object exists for inbound replication from Server CN=(and
    this references a server on the parent domain.

    Is there some extra configuration I need on our child domain's DNS server to
    make sure that it works ok with the parent domain? Please be as detailed as

    One smaller question: Both of our servers run the DNS service. Is there a
    best practices for configuring the preferred and secondary DNS servers that
    are listed in the TCP/IP properties for the 2 servers?

    I sure appreciate any ideas you have to help fix this! THanks, Joel
    Joel, Nov 8, 2005
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