Win7 performance index, does not acknowledge nVidia graphics card

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Quaoar, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Quaoar

    Quaoar Guest

    Subject line says it all. General graphics performance index = 3.9.
    Gaming performance index = 5.9.

    This is an HP dv1400 notebook with 1GB VRAM nVidia card.

    Frankly, the video performance beats the socks off my other computers on
    Win7 and Vista.

    I'm simply confused with the ratings differences when Win7 should be
    using the nVidia card rather than the Intel graphics for any video and
    graphics applications.


    Quaoar, Jan 5, 2010
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  2. Quaoar

    Carlos Guest

    Is the onboard graphics disabled in BIOS setup?
    How many graphic cards do you see in Device Manager?
    Carlos, Jan 5, 2010
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  3. Dominic Payer, Jan 5, 2010
  4. Quaoar

    Quaoar Guest

    Sorry, some misinformation in my OP: this is an HP Dv4t-1400 (first
    error). The BIOS setup is, unfortunately, lacking information and
    control. There is only the NVIDIA GeForce G 105M with 512MB VRAM
    (second error) listed in Device Manager.

    Thanks for your response!

    Quaoar, Jan 7, 2010
  5. Quaoar

    Quaoar Guest

    See my previous post: this is a DV4T-1400 (my first error) with an Name
    NVIDIA GeForce G 105M with ==>512MB VRAM. Note that the BIOS setup has
    not options for much of anything.

    Now, see my previous question.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Quaoar, Jan 7, 2010
  6. Dominic Payer, Jan 7, 2010
  7. You would really need to compare your rating with others having the same
    or very similar notebooks. A single rating doesn't tell you anything
    good or bad.
    Bobby Johnson, Jan 7, 2010
  8. Quaoar

    Carlos Guest

    Gaming graphics score (5.9) is Ok.
    Desktop graphics score (3.9) is rather low, should be closer to 5.
    It would be worth while trying Dominic's suggestion about the newest driver.
    That might improve the lower score.
    Carlos, Jan 7, 2010
  9. Quaoar

    Tom Guest

    My average is 7.4, I get a 7.8 on graphics. Of course I have a powerhouse
    gaming rig too ;-). I wonder if those scores are as meaningful as the
    numbers try to dictate.
    Tom, Jan 7, 2010
  10. The Desktop Graphics score is primarily the graphics capability to deal

    As I stated previously a single report of a score does not mean
    anything. It needs to be compare to other systems with the same
    graphics to determine if it's abnormal.

    My wife's system has an Asus Radeon HD 4350 card with a score of only
    3.8, but this is in the normal range for this card.
    Bobby Johnson, Jan 7, 2010
  11. Quaoar

    Carlos Guest

    My post was not clear enough, after reading it again.
    The scores I mentioned were the target ones for his configuration, with his
    graphic card.
    So, 5.9 was Ok for the 3D part but 3.9 was rather low for the Desktop part.
    Carlos, Jan 8, 2010
  12. Quaoar

    Tom Guest

    I have a Radeon 5870x2 setup.
    Tom, Jan 8, 2010
  13. Quaoar

    Quaoar Guest

    Quaoar, Jan 8, 2010
  14. If this oddity was apparent in Vista, then why would you expect it to be
    any different in Win 7?
    Bobby Johnson, Jan 8, 2010
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