Win98 Smartcard Reader Hot plug-in problem

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by TdsAnte, May 16, 2006.

  1. TdsAnte

    TdsAnte Guest

    My Win98 USB Reader driver works well if USB reader plugged before Win98
    boot. But if I plugged reader after Win98 boot, seems pc/sc manager couldn't
    talk to
    driver correctly. From driver debug, I found all driver PnP enumerate IRP
    worked well, but driver couldn't get smartcard service request. I wonder if
    pc/sc manager support USB reader hot plug-in in Win98?
    TdsAnte, May 16, 2006
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  2. TdsAnte

    yoann Guest

    NO, PC/SC manager does not support HotPLug under Win98.

    If you really want to support hotplug, you should monitor your USB device
    arrival from a user app or service and stop/start the PC/SC manager when your
    device is plugged.
    yoann, May 18, 2006
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