Win98 update problem - Software Update Incomplete

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Barry, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Barry

    Barry Guest

    I'm trying to do a Windows Update with Win98 SE, and I
    keep getting the following error page:
    Software Update Incomplete
    The Windows Update software did not update successfully.
    Below are some suggestions to help you proceed:
    You may have clicked No when prompted to accept the Trust
    Certificate. To allow the Windows Update site software to
    install, click Yes when presented with the Security
    Warning dialog box.
    Your Internet Explorer security settings may be set too
    high. To install the updated software and access Windows
    Update, Internet Explorer security must be set to medium
    or lower, and active scripting and the download and
    initialization of ActiveX controls must be enabled.

    Note These are the default settings for Internet Explorer.
    For more information about Internet Explorer security and
    instructions on how to change your security settings, read
    Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q174360.

    1. I've checked my security settings, and they are okay.
    2. I'm never given the option of clicking 'Yes' on any
    certificate - it never gets that far.
    3. I read through the knowledgebase article that it
    mentions (Q174360), and all my settings are correct.
    4. I even downloaded the .cab file which includes the
    iuctl.dll and iuengine.dll files that are recommended by
    Microsoft. I installed them, rebooted, and still have the
    same problem.

    Can anyone help?!? Thanks.
    Barry, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. Barry

    Mow Green Guest


    Check the version number of these 3 files. Right click them, choose
    Properties, click the Version tab :
    iuctl.dll, iuengine.dll and Update Class (iuctl.inf found in the
    WINDOWS \Downloaded Program Files folder)

    They must ALL be v.5.3.3790.13 . If any of these files have a different
    version number, go here and follow the steps for Win 98 :

    WINUP Error Message Software Update Incomplete, This Windows Update
    Software Did Not Update Successfully
    ** Delete the contents of C:\WUTemp if present on your system **

    You MUST temporarily disable your antivirus program prior to doing a
    manual download and install of the ActiveX Windows Update Software
    Controls. Failure to do so will result in the controls being
    corrupted/damaged and render them inoperative. Failure to disable your
    antivirus prior to accessing the Windows Update site, downloading and/or
    installing updates will result in no access to the site, the updates
    being corrupted/damaged , or damaged/corrupted/incomplete installations
    of said updates.

    Never Forgotten
    Mow Green, Sep 25, 2003
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  3. Barry

    esscat Guest

    At least in w98se, iuctl.inf has no version tab (and may
    be on desktop) but does contain references to the dlls,
    with their version.
    esscat, Sep 27, 2003
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