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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by b, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Attempting to get media sharing started on windows media player 11 was
    a massive task, although it can be straight forward if you have a pc
    straight out of the box or are familiar with the set up of your pc for
    some it is not. Every time I switched media sharing on it would not
    show my ps3 even though I had media serving enabled on my ps3.

    I checked my firewall and found it was blocking Window Media Player
    Network Sharing Service all 6 ports were greyed out, basically, my
    laptop was part of a domain a long time ago and had a goup policy set
    up to deny this service. So after removing my laptop from this
    domain, which removes it from the group policy I then had the ability
    to use the service, however, in the list of services I discovered that
    Window Media Player Network Sharing Service would not start. I would
    receive the error: error 1008:an attempt was made to reference a token
    that does not exist.

    This was becoming really tiresome, and there wasn't much info on
    google about how to resolve this, so I uninstalled WMP 11 which rolls
    it back to 10, started up 10 to make sure it was properly configured,
    then upgraded back to 11 and all of a sudden Window Media Player
    Network Sharing Service starts automatically as was intended and when
    I turned media sharing on my ps3 is now visible!!!

    Success, finally!!

    Hope this helps anyone with similar problems....
    b, Jun 16, 2008
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