Windows 2000 SBS moving to Windows 2003 Enterprise with a new server - need some advice for followin

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by John Leonard - Sage, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. The original domain on SBS was set up with the same name, as the registered
    name i.e.
    The clients sign onto the domain with the first sixteen characters i.e.

    My Objective -- to Keep the registered DNS name (i.e. for MS Exchange and Intranet use only. I
    want to use a new domain name! I am planning to do the following:

    1) To setup another server with Windows 2003 Enterprise (get off of SBS),
    with the same server/machine name - but use the 16 character name for the
    domain. name.
    2) Structure the Partitions, same as the SBS, so I can copy all user data
    and use the mapping in the logon BAT files that exists.
    3) Not change the client log on - so the users do not see any procedural
    changes and/or structure - they logon using the 16 character name for the
    4) Use the existing SBS Server, upgrading to Windows 2003 Standard, as an MS
    Exchange Server (hosting the mail box) and authenticate the users via the
    new PDC.

    Question -- Can I do all the above??

    My Second Concern is - How do I connect to the internet to test?

    Should I not just be able to, disconnect the Wan T1 line from the current
    WAN NIC (in the SBS Server) and connect it to the WAN NIC (second adapter)
    via a switch in the new test LAN)?

    I will have a Netopia Router (4622 T1) between the T1 channel splitter and
    the Switch.
    John Leonard - Sage, Oct 8, 2004
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